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National Research Institutes Renewing to Independent Administrative 
Corporations --To Contribute to Science and Technology in the New Era --
Dr. Masatoshi Okada, Director-General, National Research Institute for 
Metals, Science and Technology Agency

Topics  (Pcej

Environment-Conscious Steel Products 
Dr. Jun KAWAI,General Manager of Technical Development 
Planning Division, Nippon Steel Corporation
Laboratory Introduction 
Overview of the National Institute for Environmental Studies and its relevance to materials research ?
Dr. Yuichi Moriguchi, Head, Resources Management Section, Social and Environmental Systems Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Report IUMRS-ICAM'99iBeijing) Report
Rrd Biomimetic Material Engineering Sympo. Report
Notice 10th Anniversary Symposium of MRSJ-J
Academic Symposium of MRS-J
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