MRS-J NEWS Vol.16 No.4  November 2004

To the Overseas Members of MRS-J

The Creation of Nature-Guided Materials Processing ………………………………… p.1
Prof. Shigeo ASAI, Leader of Nature COE, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University 
Nature COE titled "the Creation of Nature-Guided Materials Processing" has been established in Nagoya University. 1) Under collaboration with researchers in the fields of chemistry and materials science, a new field of material research is being developed through learning the laws of nature, namely, methods of attaining "appearance of the maximum function under the minimum substance and energy consumption", which the nature and living organisms have acquired through their evolution in long period.
This COE is opened for the outside of the university through an "Open-Cluster Program", which is originated for promoting researches by young researchers in and out of the university and also for fostering them, together with such educational programs for Ph.D. students as research incentive and overseas training programs. Through conducting these programs, world-highest intelligent fruits and a gathering of young minds for leading new fields will be expected.

■ The Venture Business Laboratory of Saga University ……………………P.2
Prof. Dr. Mitsuhiro NISHIO, Vice-Director, VBL of Saga University
  This article describes an outline of Saga University Venture Business Laboratory in Japan, which focuses on three main projects; researches and developments of integrated electronics, human science and technology, and next generation process technology based on synchrotron light. Recent progresses on core projects, namley, developments of pure-green light emitting diode, novel semiconductor processes including nanofabrication, and integration of high frequency circuit and device are presented together with the activities on venture business education.

■ Development of a video camera of 1,000,000 fps and its applications  ……………… p.4
School of Science and Engineering, Kinki University
Professor T. Goji Etoh, Sachio Oki, Kohsei Takehara, and Yasuhide Takano

In 2001, a video camera of 1,000,000 frames per second was developed. The pixel count is 312x260 (=81,120) and the number of consecutive frames is 103. The continuous overwriting mechanism is installed for synchronization of the image capturing timing to occurrence of the target event. The image quality is high, since the sensor was designed and manufactured solely with CCD technology. The camera was applied to image capturing of air-bubble entrapment under drops of melted solder and water-glycerin.

MRS-Japan Annual Academic Symposium 2004 ………………………………. P.7
  A practical research on the advanced materials, cutting an edge in 21st century, is an exciting title for multidisciplinary symposium of the MRS-Japan Annual Academic Symposium 2004.It will provide a valuable meeting for materials research scientists and engineers to discuss new directions in materials research and technology, to share and exchange ideas in the materials science and technology and their application fields.
  The annual academic symposium 2004 of the MRS-J will be held from December 23 to 24 at the Ochanomizu Campus of the Nihon University, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
The symposium includes 17 symposia. More than xxxx participants with roughly xxxxx presentations are anticipated to attend the symposium. Proceedings will be published in the series of the Transaction of the MRS-J.