lqr-J NEWS@Vol.17 No.2  May 2005

To the Overseas Members of MRS-J

Farming&Hunting: Material&Informationcp.1
Akira KINBARA, RCAST, The University of Tokyo, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo
@In the history of mankind, people are sometimes divided into two categories,namely farming and hunting people. Similarly in our time, at least researchers might be classified into material and information people. The researchers of information nowadays seem to overcome those of material in the favorite feeling of young men and women. But it should be emphasized that the informationis memorized and transferred by the material. The researchers of material are always doing a thankless task.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institutecp.2
Kazuo MORIKAWA, Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Research and Development Division, Precision Engineering Technology@Group
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute undertakes researches in demand either from small and medium-sized enterprises or from public. Testing, research and consulting for solving technical problems are important works for us. The activities of the institute, and history and research projects of the Precision Engineering Technology Group are briefly introduced.

R&D of a New Surface Generation Process gEG-Xhcp.4
Dr. Kazutoshi KATAHIRA, Dr. Hitoshi OHMORI (RIKEN), Dr. Jun KOMOTORI and Dr. Masayoshi MIZUTANI (Keio University)
@A new electrical grinding method h EG-Xh for the fabrication of machined surfaces with desirable characteristics is presented. The proposed method will give the surface of metallic biomaterials a stable oxide layer by electrochemical reaction during grinding processes, and the possibility of coloring by controlling the layer depth is in the process of being clarified. Also, the basicresults are introduced in the production of modified surfaces having improvedadhesion and outstanding chemical affinity with advanced coating layers such as DLC (diamond like carbon).

Session Themes and Chairs Are Recommended-The 16th Annual Symposium of the MRS-J-cp.8
@The 16th Annual Symposium of the MRS-J will be held at the Ochanomizu Campus of the Nihon University, Ochanomizu, Tokyo, on December 10 to 11, 2005.
@The symposium includes a number of sessions. The symposium committee will cordially invite you to submit your application to the session themes and chairs in order to make the best Symposium of the MRS-J.

Applications can be downloaded at http://www.mrs-j.org/