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Award for Encouragement of Research in the 24th Annual Meeting of MRS-J

Symposium Program No. Name Affiliation  Papert Title 
A A-P11-010 Hiroo SUZUKI Tohoku University High Yield Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbon by Plasma CVD
A A-O11-013 Bin XU Tohoku University Pulse Plasma CVD for Narrow Chirality Distribution Growth of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
A A-P11-015 Kosuke TAKENAKA Osaka University Plasma Interactions with Mist in Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Irradiation
B B-O11-008 Takashi SHIRAKAWA Kyoto University Development of Two-step Water Splitting Systems Workable under Visible Light Using Sulfide Photocatalysts
B B-O10-009 Tatsuya KAMEYAMA Nagoya University Tunable Absorption Properties of ZnSe-AgInSe2 Solid Solution Nanocrystals for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion  
B B-O11-010 Kojiro FUKU National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Design of Tandem Typed Photoelectrode System to Achieve Efficient Solar Light Energy Conversion in Hydrogen Production by Water Splitting
B B-P11-006 Chengsi PAN National Institute for Materials Science  Complex Perovskite Oxynitride Photocatalysts, LaMgxTa1-xO1+3xN2-3x, for Overall Water Splitting Operable at up to 600nm 
C C-P11-002 Nozomu UCHIDA Kanto Gakuin University Synthesis of Novel UV-curable Resin Using Castor Oil
C C-O12-012 Keizo YAMADA  Ehime University Preparation of the Composite Material from Diatomite for Cs Decontamination and its Immobilization Using Heat Treatment
C C-O11-005 Ryuichi IIDA Tokyo Gakugei University Effect of Smoother Processing on Wood Surface Layer by Shape Transcription in High-speed Friction
D D-O11-007 Kyohei KATO Yokohama City University Pressure-induced Phase Transition of C60(ferrocene)2 Nanosheets 
E E-O11-003 Ryota MARUYAMA Gunma University Fabrication of Signal/Information Processing Polymer Devices with Hierarchical Instabilities
F F-O11-001 Toshiki SAWADA Tokyo Institute of Technology Construction and Functionalization of Hydrogels Composed of Filamentous Viruses
F F-O11-008 Ryo ISHIHARA Tokyo University of Science MicroRNA Detection on a Graft-Type Power-Free Microfluidic Chip
F F-P11-007 Takuya KORIYAMA Tokyo University of Science Charactarization of Thermoresponsive Polymer Modified Polymer Monolithic Surfaces for Separation of Bioactive Compounds
F F-P11-005 Yukari HIRAGUCHI The University of Tokyo Investigation of Cell-Type-Independent Adhesion Mechanism by the Distribution of Adsorbed Proteins on Nano-Scale Phase-Separated Structures
G G-O12-002 Seiya SUZUKI Tokyo Institute of Technology Fabrication of Collagen-templated Nanostructured Silica
H H-O12-004 Seido YARIMITSU Kyushu University Evaluation of Lubrication Property of Artificial Hydrogel Cartilage Materials
I I-O11-003 Kohei FUJIWARA Osaka University Synthesis of Metal Oxide Complex Nanostructures Using the Shadow Effect
I I-P10-007 Miku MATSUZAKI Tokyo University of Science New Methodology for the Precise Separation of Metal Clusters Protected with Two-Types of Ligands
I I-O11-013 Tatsuma ODA Tokai University Separation Property of PDMS Graft Copolyimide Membranes with Nanosheet Coating
I I-O10-010 Kensuke YOSHIE The University of Tokyo Fabrication of Nanometer-Sized Magnetic Stirring Device for Use in the Living Cells to Control Cellular Reactions
I I-P11-027 T. MORSHED Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Formation of Large-Grain Single-Crystalline Germanium-on-Insulator by Rapid Melting Growth Using Single Layer Graphene Template
I I-P10-013 Takashi GO Osaka Prefecture University Pressure Dependence of Far-Infrared Reflectance Spectra in Layered Iron Oxide LuFe2O4 
I I-P11-008 Ami MASUDA Tokai University Preparation and Characterization of Fluorine-containing Polymer Ultra-thin Films with Water Repellency
J J-O12-008 Shigenori OKADA The Earth System Ryokuin-jyuku An Attempt of the Earth System Ryokuin-juku for Accomplishment of Environmental Scientific Literacy
XA XA-O12-011 Ryo WAKABAYASHI Tokyo Institute of Technology Oxygen-Radical-Assisted Pulsed-Laser Deposition of β-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 Alloy Films 
XA XA-O10-013 Hinako KIZUKA Aoyama Gakuin University Temperature Dependence of Phonon or Free Electron Contributions on Thermal Conductivity of VO2 Thin Films across Metal-Insulator Transition 
XA XA-P11-002 Atsushi SUZUKI The University of Tokyo Tunable Optical Properties in Solid-Solution of Anatase (TiO2)x(TaON)1-x