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The 25th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

A-4 : Soft Actuators

Entry No Keynote/
Presentation Date Time to
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 9
13:20 - 17:30
万国橋会議センター/ Room C
Bankokubashi Kaigi Center/ Room C
   Opening Remarks Dec. 9 13:20 13:30 奥崎 秀典(山梨大)
Chair :
奥崎 秀典(山梨大)
Hidenori OKUZAKI (Univ. of Yamanashi)
2551   Invited   A4-I9-001 Dec. 9 13:30 14:10 Takeshi YAMAUCHI Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University, Preparation of porous poly(pyrrole) utilizing agar particles as soft template and evaluation of its actuation property
2456     A4-O9-002 Dec. 9 14:10 14:40 *B Hikaru IWANO Bioengineering course of Shinshu University in Hashimoto laboratory Development of a PVC Gel Sheet Actuator with Flexible Electrodes
2461   Invited   A4-I9-003 Dec. 9 14:40 15:20 Kinji ASAKA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) mechano-electrical sensors with various counter cations and water contents
   Coffee Break Dec. 9 15:20 15:40
Chair :
山内 健(新潟大)
Takeshi YAMAUCHI (Niigata Univ.)
2799   Invited   A4-I9-004 Dec. 9 15:40 16:20 Kenji KIYOHARA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Molecular dynamics study of the ionic structure and conductivity in the electrolyte layer of electroactive soft actuators
2319     A4-O9-005 Dec. 9 16:20 16:50 *M Shota TSUTSUMI Kyushu University graduate school energy quantum engineering specialty Thermodynamic Effect of Liquid Crystal Elastomer with Ionic Liquid Conducting Heater
2297     A4-O9-006 Dec. 9 16:50 17:20 *M Masaki SATO Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, University of Yamanashi Stretchable Conducting Polymer Electrodes for Microactuators
2348     A4-O9-007 Dec. 9 17:20 17:50 *M Tomoaki KUBOTA Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, University of Yamanashi Lorentz Actuators Using Conducting Polymers
Dec. 10
9:30 - 12:10
波止場会館/ Room B (3F)
Hatoba Kaikan,/ Room B (3F)
Chair :
安積 欣志(産総研)
2236   Invited   A4-I10-001 Dec. 10 09:30 10:10 Yoshiro TAJITSU Graduate School of Engineering,Kansai University Formation of prototype actuation system using piezoelectric chiral polymer on trial basis
2268   Invited   A4-I10-002 Dec. 10 10:10 10:50 Seiki CHIBA Chiba Science Institute Simple Solar Heat Generator Using Dielectric Elastomers
2454   Invited   A4-I10-003 Dec. 10 10:50 11:30 *G Yoshinori TANAKA ROHM Co. Ltd Demonstration of a robot finger using dielectric elastomer actuator
2952     A4-O10-004 Dec. 10 11:30 12:00 *M Tomoyuki HIRATA Graduate School of Engineering,Yokohama National University Displacement of Piston Using Hydrogen Storage Alloy particles
   Closing Remarks Dec. 10 12:00 12:10 安積 欣志(産総研)