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The 25th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Poster

B-1 : New trend of a development of fuel cell materials, devices and its systems

Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 10
9:30 - 12:00
Place: 横浜情報文化センター/ Yokohama Media & Communications Center
Core Time: 10:00-12:00
2877   B1-P10-001 Dec. 10  *M Atsushi SAITO Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Fuel Cell Performance of Lanthanum Silicate Paste Films
2107   B1-P10-002 Dec. 10  *G Shigeo HORI Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. Fabrication of highly c-axis oriented apatite-type lanthanum silicate thin films by chemical solution deposition
2740   B1-P10-003 Dec. 10  *M H. XIAO Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Preperation of Lanthanum Silicate Single Crystal by using Flux Method
2742   B1-P10-004 Dec. 10  *B M. KOBAYASHI Faculty of Engineering, University of Hyogo Design of Electrode/Electrolyte Interface in Lanthanum Silicate-based Solid Oxide Fuel
2865   B1-P10-005 Dec. 10  Miwa SAITO Faculty of Enginering, Kanagawa University Drastically enhanced ionic conductivity of Ba2(Zn,M)2O6-δ (M = Nb, Ta, W) by water incorporation
2860   B1-P10-006 Dec. 10  *M Seiya KOSAKA Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi A 2D Experimental Modeling of Ni Catalyst Agglomeration in High-performance Hydrogen Electrodes under SOEC Condition
2117   B1-P10-007 Dec. 10  *M Chumeng WU Yokohama national university, graduated school of engineering, green hydrogen research center Titanium oxide-based nano-particles supported on carbon nano-tube prepared by hydrolysis method as non-platinum cathode for PEFC
2434   B1-P10-008 Dec. 10  Takaaki NAGAI Yokohama National University Oxygen reduction mechanism of titanium nano-oxide-based catalyst as PEFC cathode
2458   B1-P10-009 Dec. 10  *M Yuko TAMURA Green Hydrogen Research Center, Yokohama National University Formation of active sites of Nb-doped TiO2 as non-platinum cathodes for PEFC
2862   B1-P10-010 Dec. 10  *M Makoto HAMAZAKI Green Hydrogen Research Center, Yokohama National University Evaluation of durability of titanium-niobium oxides mixed with Ti4O7 as non-precious- and carbon-free cathodes for PEFC in sulfuric acid at 80oC.
2886   B1-P10-011 Dec. 10  *B Hikaru IGARASHI Yokohama National University, Green Hydrogen Research Center Synthesis of nano-sized titanium sub-oxides support for PEFC cathodes by solid-phase reduction at low temperature
2925   B1-P10-012 Dec. 10  *M Tomoaki HAYASHI Yokohama National University Temperature dependence of oxygen reduction reaction on titanium oxide based catalyst for PEFC
2911   B1-P10-013 Dec. 10  *D Kenichi TAKAHASHI Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, University of Hokkaido/ GREEN, National Institute for Materials Science Effect of gamma-ray irradiation on enhancement of charge transfer in the interface between less Pt loaded CeOx nanowire/C and Nafion® ionomer in membrane electrode assembly of PEMFC/
2823   B1-P10-014 Dec. 10  *G Shipra CHAUHAN GREEN, National Institute for Materials Science Designing of hetero-interface between Pt and ceria nanowire for development of Pt less cathode with high ORR activity
2904   B1-P10-015 Dec. 10  *M Keiichiro MATSUMOTO Tsukuba Research Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science, University of Tsukuba Influence of catalysts and ionomer interface condition on activity of Pt/GNS in MEA
2909   B1-P10-016 Dec. 10  *B Tsubasa NAKAMURA 鶴岡工業高等専門学校 物質工学専攻 Synthesis of phosphoric acid-containing polymethacrylate as an ionomer for polymer electrolyte fuel cell using phosphoric acid doped polybenzimidazole electrolyte
2912   B1-P10-017 Dec. 10  *G Jinxiao BAO Toyohashi University of Technology/Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology Electrochemical Properties of Composite Electrolyte Membrane in Fuel Cell at Medium Temperature under Anhydrous Conditions
2890   B1-P10-018 Dec. 10  *M Yasutaka MAEDA Toyohashi University of Technology Evaluation of Fe-Air Battery with Negative Electrode Prepared by Electrostatic Adsorption