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The 25th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Poster

F-1 : eco product session

Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 9
16:00 - 18:00
Place: 産業貿易センタービル Hall/ INDUSTRY & TRADE CENTER Hall
Chair : 大谷 忠(東京学芸大学) Tadashi Ohtani (Tokyo Gakugei University)  
2004   F1-P9-001 Dec. 9  Yoshiteru SUGANUMA Autoglass Co., Ltd Sapporo Branch -
2045   F1-P9-002 Dec. 9  Kazuhiko OGAWA Hiroshima Polytechnic Center A new type of kotatsu using Woodceramics
2160   F1-P9-003 Dec. 9  Kei SATO Graduate School Engineering Science and Mechanics, Shibaura Institute of Technology Fabrication of woodceramics after ozone treatment
2167   F1-P9-004 Dec. 9  Shuestu SAITO National Research and Development Agency, Foresty and Forest Products Research Institute Development of the practical weighing device which is available in a lumber dryer by applying an optical stress sensor
2289   F1-P9-005 Dec. 9  Kazuhiko KAKISHITA Polytechnic Univ. Calculation program using spline function for Woodceramics humidity sensor
2341   F1-P9-006 Dec. 9  Naohiro HASEGAWA IRF Co.,Ltd. Arrival at LED signal lamp device snow with the film stainless steel heater, freeze measures
2366   F1-P9-007 Dec. 9  Yasumasa TSUKAHARA Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Co.,LTD Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Co.,LTD
2381   F1-P9-008 Dec. 9  *M Kohei YOSHIDA Graduate School of Science and Engineering Cs adsorption properties and immobilization behavior of artificial zeolites
2578   F1-P9-009 Dec. 9  *B Romario Aldrian WICAKSONO Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia/Centre of Virtual Design and Manufacturing, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Stability Analysis of Exoskeleton as Rehabilitation Device
2599   F1-P9-010 Dec. 9  Junichiro TSUJI Polytechnic Center Saitama woodceramics far-ray for vejitable dry
2610   F1-P9-011 Dec. 9  Tsukasa SATO National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College Adsorption of Cesium Ion on Silk Fibroin Fibers in Aqueous Solution
2631   F1-P9-012 Dec. 9  Koji FUKUDA Molecular Engineering Institute,Kinki University The direction of the development of the wood biomass power generation business and the study of the utilizing method of the combution ash
2642   F1-P9-013 Dec. 9  Takahiro SATO Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College Fatigue Strength and Size Effect of Porous Carbon Materials made from Rice Hull
2691   F1-P9-014 Dec. 9  Keigo MIKAME Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University Mushroom growing using bamboo powder and rapid pyrolysis of the used mushroom bed
2826   F1-P9-015 Dec. 9  Keisuke HATA Polytecnic Chiba Effects of zero emissions using the roots of apple trees ~Processed products of the roots of apple trees~
2827   F1-P9-016 Dec. 9  *G Koji ADACHI Institute of Wood Technology, Akita Prefectural University Non-destructive Screening Technique for Bending Materials and its Sustainable Material Allocation of Japanese cedar.
2841   F1-P9-017 Dec. 9  Koichi GODA Depaerment of Mechanical Engineering, Yamaguchi University Fatigue fracture properties of wood plastic composites
2867   F1-P9-018 Dec. 9  Tomoyasu YARA Okinawa National College of Technology The effect of shock wave treatment on surface area in the application of activated carbon obtained using biomass from Okinawa
2870   F1-P9-019 Dec. 9  Motokazu NISHINO Aomori Polytechnic College Countermeasures against snow accretion on LED traffic lights by melting and vibration
2879   F1-P9-020 Dec. 9  Atsushi YASUDA Graduate School of Science and Technology,KUMAMOTO UNIVERSITY On Economical food processing devices using underwater shock wave for producing carrots juice
2889   F1-P9-021 Dec. 9  Masanori SADANARI Polytechnic University Characteristics of the Rotational Stiffness of the Joint by Bamboo Parallel Strand Lumber
2960   F1-P9-022 Dec. 9  *G Hiroshi MIYAKAWA Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center Development of Evaluation System for Snow and Ice Accretion on LED Traffic Lights