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第25回日本MRS年次大会 奨励賞受賞者リスト

Symposium Program No. 氏名 Name 所属 Affiliation  Papert Title 
A-1 A1-O8-013 寺西 貴志 Takashi TERANISHI 岡山大学 Okayama University High-Rate Capability of BaTiO3 Based Ferroelectrics-Active Materials Composite Cathode
For Lithium Ion Battery
A-1 A1-P9-017 稲葉 隆哲 Takaaki INABA 日本大学 Nihon University Electric and Magnetic Properties of BiFe1-xMnxO3 Thin Films and CaFeOx/BiFe1-xMnxO3 Superlattices
A-1 A1-O8-005 野本 淳一 Junichi NOMOTO 高知工科大学 Kochi University of Technology The Characteristics of Structural Properties of Polycrystalline Al-doped ZnO Films by
Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering using Various Al2O3 Contents in Ceramic Targets
A-1 A1-P8-021 上田 大貴 Hiroki UEDA 大阪大学 Osaka University Effect of External Fields on Helical Magnetic Domain Structure in a Magnetoelectric Hexaferrite
A-1 A1-O10-004 小谷 厚博 Atsuhiro KOTANI 大阪府立大学 Osaka Prefecture University Magnetic Bubbles and Magnetic Phase Diagram in Manganites
A-2 A2-P8-003 松尾 拓紀 Hiroki MATSUO 東京大学 The University of Tokyo Gap-state Engineering for Visible-light Photovoltaic Effect in BiFeO3-based Ferroelectric Thin Films
A-2 A2-O8-007 鈴木 直哉 Naoya SUZUKI 東京理科大学 Tokyo University of Science Electron-Ion Mixed Conduction and Electronic Structures of Nd1-xSrxFeO3
A-3 A3-O9-005 小土橋 陽平 Yohei KOTSUCHIBASHI 物質・材料研究機構ICYS&WPI-MANA NIMS, ICYS&WPI-MANA A System of Temperature Responsive Micelle for Efficient Drug Loading
A-3 A3-O9-012 吉岡 俊介 Shunsuke YOSHIOKA 横浜国立大学 Yokohama National University Effect of TiO2 on Self-healing of Alumina Matrix Composite
A-4 A4-O9-007 久保田 智章 Tomoaki KUBOTA 山梨大学 University of Yamanashi Lorentz Actuators Using Conducting Polymers
B-1 B1-O9-012 木内 久雄 Hisao KIUCHI 東京大学 The University of Tokyo Observation of Horizontally Chemisorbed CO2 on Nitrogen Doped Graphite by X-ray
Photoelectron and Absorption Spectroscopy
B-1 B1-O8-001 難波江 裕太 Yuta NABAE 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Non-Precious-Metal Cathode Catalysts Prepared from Polyimide Fine Particles
B-1 B1-P10-014 チャウハン シプラ Shipra CHAUHAN 物質・材料研究機構 National Institute for Materials Science Designing of Hetero-interface between Pt and Ceria Nanowire for Development of Pt Less Cathode with High ORR Activity
B-2 B2-P8-003 玉井 七奈 Nana TAMAI JX日鉱日石エネルギー株式会社 JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation Development of Membrane Materials for a High-purity Hydrogen Purification System with
CO2 Separation Capability
B-2 B2-P8-002   Chitho P. FELICIANO   University of Tsukuba/ Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Anti-inflammatory Effects of pH-responsive Nitroxide Radical-containing Redox Nanoparticles against UVB-induced Skin Damage and Photoaging in Kud:Hr- hairless Mice 
B-3 B3-O9-006 藏重 亘 Wataru KURASHIGE 東京理科大学 Tokyo University of Science The Correlation between Photocatalyst and Co-catalyst Controlled at the Atomic Level
B-3 B3-O10-013 辻 皓平 Kohei TSUJI 京都大学 Kyoto University Development of Z–Scheme Water Splitting Systems using Keggin–type Polyoxometalates as
a Shuttle Redox Mediator
B-4 B4-P9-006   Kewen SHI   Beihang University Pressure Effect on Magnetic Transition and Thermal Expansion in Mn3Ga0.95N0.94 by Neutron Diffraction
C-1 C1-O9-017 横山 幸司 Koji YOKOYAMA 東北大学 Tohoku University Defluorination-assisted Synthesis of Nitrogen-doped Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Their Electronic Properties
C-2 C2-O8-014 新堀 佳紀 Yoshiki NIIHORI 東京理科大学 Tokyo University of Science Precise Separation of Coordination Isomers of Ligand-Exchanged Au24Pd Cluster and the Mechanistic Insights of Ligand-Exchange Reaction
C-2 C2-P8-005 関 淳志 Atsushi SEKI 香川大学 Kagawa University An Anomalous Photovoltaic Effect in the Smectic Liquid Crystals with Spontaneous Polarization
C-2 C2-O8-004   Fengniu LU   National Institute for Materials Science A Clear Guidance for Room Temperature Liquid Pyrenes Exhibiting Intrinsic Pyrene Luminescence
C-2 C2-O8-010 鈴木 朋哉 Tomoya SUZUKI 千葉大学 Chiba University Photoinduction of Helical Nanomorphology in Self-assembled Perylene Bisimides-azobenzene Triad
C-3 C3-P10-015 三浦 俊太郎 Shuntaro MIURA 埼玉大学 Saitama University Fine Structural Analysis, Formation of Interfacial Particle Films, and Accurate Estimation of Orientation in Polyguanamine Derivatives with a High Refractive Index
C-3 C3-O9-002 牧浦 理恵 Rie MAKIURA 大阪府立大学/
JST, さきがけ
 Osaka Prefecture university/JST, PRESTO Bottom Up Assemblies of Highly-oriented Molecular Nanosheets with Regulated Nanopores Specifically Formed at Air/Liquid Interfaces
C-3 C3-O9-005 田口 大 Dai TAGUCHI 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Visualizing Polarization Distribution Induced in Chiral-shape Domains of Phospholipid Langmuir Monolayer by Using BAM and EFISHG Microscope
C-3 C3-O9-003 塩谷 暢貴 Nobutaka SHIOYA 京都大学 Kyoto University Preparation of a Highly Oriented Thin Film of a Functionalized Compound Using a Simple Spin-coating Technique
C-4 C4-O8-004 井改 知幸 Tomoyuki IKAI 金沢大学 Kanazawa University Synthesis of Helical Conjugated Polymers Containing Glucose-Linked Biphenyl Units and Their Application to Chiral Functional Materials
C-5 C5-I8-005   Hyunwoong SEO   Kyushu University Photovoltaic Potentials of Nano-particles based on Advanced Plasma Processes
C-5 C5-P8-015 山田 令 Rei YAMADA 東京大学 The University of Tokyo Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Mesoplasma Epitaxial Bridging
C-5 C5-P9-015 中島 厚 Atsushi NAKAJIMA 大阪大学 Osaka University Effects of Plasma-irradiation Distance on Oxidation Reaction in Liquid Induced by He/O2
Plasma-jet Irradiation
D-1 D1-O9-004 劉 利明 Liming LIU 東北大学 Tohoku University A Porous Hydrogel-based Microneedles Patch for Transdermal Tissue Fluid Monitoring
D-1 D1-P9-002 山内 俊 Syun YAMANOUCHI 宇都宮大学/ JST-CREST Utsunomiya University/JST-CREST Suppressive Effects of the Biofouling on the Ultrafiltration Membrane Using the Immobilized Enzyme Prepared by Electrospinning
D-1 D1-O9-008 阿部 結奈 Yuina ABE 東北大学 Tohoku University Development of Bioassay Sheet for Human Keratinocytes Using Stretchable Hydrogel
D-2 D2-O10-003   Ankita JAIN 東京大学 The University of Tokyo Microarray Technology for Quantitative Aptamer Screening
D-3 D3-O9-010 櫻井 庸明 Tsuneaki SAKURAI 京都大学 Kyoto University/Osaka University Development of Evaluation Technique of Charge Carrier Transporting Property at Insulator-Semiconductor Interfaces
D-4 D4-O9-002 河村 彩香 Ayaka KAWAMURA 千葉大学 Chiba University Structural Color Materials from Core-Shell Particles Having Polydopamine Black Thin Layers
D-4 D4-O8-012 檜垣 勇次 Yuji HIGAKI JST-ERATO高原ソフト界面プロジェクト/ 九州大学/ WPI-I2CNER JST-ERATO /Kyushu University/WPI-I2CNER Characterization of Hofmeister Counter Ions Effect on Hydration States of Poly(quaternary ammonium cation) Brushes
D-4 D4-P10-001 榎本 詢子 Junko ENOMOTO 横浜国立大学 Yokohama National University Surface Design for Catch-and-release of Target Cells Using Aptamer and Zwitterionic Oligopeptide
D-4 D4-P10-031 秦 裕樹 Yuuki HATA 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of All-Cellulose Composite Hydrogels
D-4 D4-P10-014 松川 滉 Ko MATSUKAWA 東京大学 The University of Tokyo Preparation of Surface Grafted Hydrogels by ARGET ATRP
E-1 E1-O9-006   Abdelhak CHETTAH   Université 20 août 1955- Skikda  Inelastic Thermal Spike Analysis of Swift Heavy Ion Induced Mixing at Metal/a-Ge Interfaces
E-1 E1-O9-010 眞弓 蓮 Ren MAYUMI 大阪府立大学 Osaka Prefecture University Radiation Enhanced Precipitation of Solute Atoms in Al-based Alloys - Energetic Ion Irradiation Experiment and Computer Simulation -
E-2 E2-O9-010 熊谷 悠 Yu KUMAGAI 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Accurate Predictions of Point Defect Energetics in Semiconductors from First Principles
E-2 E2-O8-006 榊原 寛史 Hirofumi SAKAKIBARA 鳥取大学 Tottori University First-principles-derivation of Effective Model for Material Design in Strongly Correlated System
E-2 E2-O8-004 赤田 悠輔 Yusuke AKADA 大阪大学 Osaka University Analysis of Critical Factors in Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Complex Oxide
E-2 E2-O8-002 金山 大祐 Daisuke KANAYAMA 大阪大学 Osaka University Impacts of Impurities Doped in Magnéli Phases TinO2n-1 on Thermoelectric Properties by ab initio Calculations
E-3 E3-I8-009 岸 哲生 Tetsuo KISHI 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Fabrication of Spherical Microcavity from Molten Glass Droplet on Substrate Using Localized-Laser Heating
E-4 E4-O9-008 宇高 光 Hikari UDAKA 埼玉大学 Saitama University Fabrication of the Biosensor Using IL-6 Antibody-CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot Conjugate and Evaluation with Fluorescenceimmunoassay
F-1 F1-P9-016 足立 幸司 Koji ADACHI 秋田県立大学 Akita Prefectural University Non-destructive Screening Technique for Bending Materials and its Sustainable Material Allocation of Japanese Cedar.
F-2 F2-P9-002 久野 輝昭 Teruaki KUNO 神奈川大学 Kanagawa University Basic Study of the Bactericidal Effects of Electrolyzed Water
F-3 F3-O8-005 田中 寛人 Hiroto TANAKA 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Preparation and Transport Properties of  Single Crystals of Inorganic-organic Hybrid Materials
F-3 F3-P9-030 大木 智未 Tomomi OKI 横浜国立大学 Yokohama National University Novel UV Protection Agent Using Bragg Reflection of Colloidal Photonic Crystals with Polycrystalline Structure
F-3 F3-P9-008 米元 謙太朗 Kentaro YONEMOTO 東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology Transparent Conductive ZnO Films Fabricated at Low Temperature with Low Environmental Load
F-4 F4-O10-005 岡田 穣謙 Shigenori OKADA 地球環境緑蔭塾 The Earth System Ryokuin-jyuku The Thermo-physical Characteristics of High Concentration Nb-H Alloy as an Eco-material
F-5 F5-I10-007 佐々木 泰祐 Taisuke SASAKI 物質・材料研究機構 National Institute for Materials Science Development of Strong and Ductile Wrought Magnesium Alloy