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第25回日本MRS年次大会 プログラムリスト: Oral

B-4 : 強相関機能材料の進展と挑戦

B-4 : Challenges and progress in strongly correlated functional materials

Entry No Keynote/
Presentation Date Time to
Time to
Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 9
13:00 - 17:50
産業貿易センタービル/ Room A (2F)
Chair :
Kazunari Yamaura (NIMS)
2251   Keynote   B4-K9-001 Dec. 9 13:00 13:25 Xiaolong CHEN Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190/Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter, Beijing 100190 Novel Properties in Iron Chalcogenides: from Anderson localization to geometrically frustrated magnetism
2396   Invited   B4-I9-002 Dec. 9 13:25 13:45 *G 長尾 全寛
Masahiro NAGAO
School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Real Space Observation of Magnetic Skyrmions Using Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy
2857   Invited   B4-I9-003 Dec. 9 13:45 14:05 *G Wei YI Institute of Physics and Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China/International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA), National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan Crystal Chemistry and Physics of Double-Perovskites with Small Cations at the A Site
2663   Invited   B4-I9-004 Dec. 9 14:05 14:25 分島 亮
Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of New Quasi-One-Dimensional Molybdenum Oxides
2250     B4-O9-005 Dec. 9 14:25 14:35 Yahua YUAN Superconducting Properties Unit, National Institute for Materials Science/ Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Hokkaido University Magnetic properties of Mn-doped SrOsO3
   Short break Dec. 9 14:35 14:45
Chair :
Cong WANG (Beihang University)
2086   Keynote   B4-K9-006 Dec. 9 14:45 15:10 竹中 康司
Department of Applied Physics, Nagoya University
Magnetovolume Effects of Antiperovskite Manganese Nitrides
2549   Invited   B4-I9-007 Dec. 9 15:10 15:30 本橋 輝樹
Department of Materials and Life Chemistry, Kanagawa University
Remarkable energy-related functionalities hidden in strongly-correlated magnetic materials
2386   Invited   B4-I9-008 Dec. 9 15:30 15:50 *G 吉田 紘行
Hiroyuki YOSHIDA
Hokkaido University, Faculty of Science
Frustrated Magnetism of Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnet
2669   Invited   B4-I9-009 Dec. 9 15:50 16:10 Weichang HAO Beihang University The effects of strain and spin orbital coupling on electronic structure of oxide materials
2212     B4-O9-010 Dec. 9 16:10 16:20 *D Sihao DENG Center for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Department of Physics, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, People’s Republic of China Tuning magnetic structures and corresponding thermal expansion in antiperovskite Mn3XN (X=Ni, Zn) compounds
   Short break Dec. 9 16:20 16:30
Chair :
2149   Invited   B4-I9-011 Dec. 9 16:30 16:50 Yi-feng YANG Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Marriage between Kondo and Mott: Heavy Fermion Physics in d-Electron Systems
2374   Invited   B4-I9-012 Dec. 9 16:50 17:10 *G Yanfeng GUO Department of Physics, University of Oxford Commensurate charge density waves in the layered titanium oxypictides Na2Ti2X2O (X = As, Sb)
2596   Invited   B4-I9-013 Dec. 9 17:10 17:30 Xingjiang ZHOU Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Electronic Structures of the High Temperature Superconductors and Sr2IrO4
2872     B4-O9-015 Dec. 9 17:30 17:40 Lei WANG Beihang University Metal fluorides, a new family of negative thermal expansion materials
Dec. 10
9:30 - 11:55
横浜情報文化センター/ Room B
Yokohama Media & Communications Center / Room B
Chair :
2018   Keynote   B4-K10-001 Dec. 10 09:30 09:55 Cong WANG Beihang University Abnormal thermal expansion and correlated magnetic, electronic transport in antiperovskite Mn3XN compounds
2510   Invited   B4-I10-002 Dec. 10 09:55 10:15 Yimin CUI Department of Physics, Beihang University The Growth of TbMnxOy Nanostructures
2101   Invited   B4-I10-003 Dec. 10 10:15 10:35 Jun LI Nanjing University/National Institute for Materials Science/KU Leuven High upper critical fields of superconducting Ca10(Pt4As8)(Fe1.8Pt0.2As2)5 whiskers
   Short break Dec. 10 10:35 10:45
Chair :
Yanfeng GUO (ShanghaiTech University)
2143   Invited   B4-I10-004 Dec. 10 10:45 11:05 Shinji KAWASAKI Department of Physics, Okayama University Doping-enhanced antiferromagnetism in Ca1-xLaxFeAs2 revealed by 75As nuclear magnetic resonance and nuclear quadrupole resonance
2338   Invited   B4-I10-005 Dec. 10 11:05 11:25 *G Jinguang CHENG Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics and Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences/Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo Pressure-induced superconductivity on the border of helimagnetic quantum critical point in CrAs and MnP
2777   Invited   B4-I10-006 Dec. 10 11:25 11:45 *G 白子 雄一
Nagoya University
High-pressure phase transition of late transition metal oxides
2028     B4-O10-007 Dec. 10 11:45 11:55 Md. MUHIBBULLAH Bangladesh University Elementary Study on the Electric Power Generation from Sea Wave Using Ordinary Speaker Magnets