Symposia & Program

A-4 Smart/Intelligent Materials and Devices


Prof. Yasufumi FURUYA Yokohama National University
Dr. Wataru NAKAO Yokohama National University
Prof. Hiroshi ASANUMA Chiba University
Prof. Kazushi ISHIYAMA Tohoku University


Demands of Smart /or Intelligent materials and devices are increasing every year. Its applicability expands into MEMS devices, energy harvesting devices, robot devices or sensors as well as sensors for infrastructures. The present symposium, “Smart/Intelligent Materials and Devices”, wants the various latest research results of the concerned field, new/ or advanced smart materials, novel properties of the materials, advanced process of smart materials, and advanced devises or application using smart materials. Based on these presentations, the next technical trend for smart / or intelligent materials and devices will be discussed with all attendee.


1. Multi-functinal Materials/ Devices
2. New Sensor/ Actuator
3. Energy Harvesting
4. Bio-Medical Devices
5. Health Monitoring Devices