Symposia & Program

C-3 Nano-biotechnology on Interfaces


Dr. Naoki Matsuda AIST
Dr. Naoki Matsuda AIST


Recently, in the field of biotechnology, not only bioelectronics but also artificial organs, advanced medical systems, bio fuel cell and cellular micro patterning have been developed as bio-devices for realizing sustainable human society. Then, interdisciplinary studies on nanotechnology and biotechnologies on interfaces utilizing bio-molecules which have unique and significant functions have been bringing usmuch important and interesting results creating noble fields in science and technologies. We have been recognizing that there are strong requirement for an improvement of traditional technologies and tools in many fields including polymer chemistry as device platform, super high sensitive analytical systems, and surface modification including sugar chains. For example, a novel method for a localized and time-resolved observation system of interfacial phenomena in molecular level has been required. It seems that the bioactivity and nanostructure are closely relating each other in such the systems. To understand the phenomena and develop the novel devices, “functionality, structure, and interface” are the key words. We would like to plan the session entitled “nano-biotechnology on the interfaces”, and propose an occasion to discuss with the recent trends and results through some quite different fields in science and technologies with a worldwide vision.


1. biomimetic and biocompatible materials
2. surface modification
3. bioelectronics
4. in situ, in vivo and invitro observation techniques
5. cell chip evice
6. bio-fuel cell
7. drug delivery system
8. artificial organ