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The 26th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

Soft Actuators

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Presentation Date Time to
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
2047   Invited   A1-I20-001 Dec. 20 13:00 13:30 Yoshiro TAJITSU Electrical Engineering Department, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kansai University Poly(L-lactic acid) Film Roll Transducer
2258   Invited   A1-I20-002 Dec. 20 13:30 14:00 TAKESHI YAMAUCHI Faculty of Engineering, Niigata University 3D assembly of microparticles and development for soft actuator
2296     A1-O20-003 Dec. 20 14:00 14:20 *D Michika ONODA Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Synthetic Amoeba: Self-oscillating polymeric fluids with autonomous sol-gel transition
2565     A1-O20-004 Dec. 20 14:20 14:40 *G Ayumi FURUSE Shinshu University, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Characterization of a novel sheet type soft actuator using plasticized PVC gel fiber
2736     A1-O20-005 Dec. 20 14:40 15:00 Takushi SUGINO Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute, National Research Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Influence of Conductive Additives into the Electrode Layer of Nano-Carbon Polymer Actuators-2
2731     A1-O20-006 Dec. 20 15:00 15:20 Kenji KIYOHARA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Exfoliation and expansion of carbon nanotube bundles in the bucky-gel actuator
2783     A1-O20-007 Dec. 20 15:20 15:40 *M Masato MORI Graduate School of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University Effects of Ion Exchange Time on Driving Characteristics of IPMC with Multi-kinds of Cations
2138     A1-O20-008 Dec. 20 15:40 16:00 Kinji ASAKA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Mechano-electrical-sensor modelling of ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs)
Dec. 21
9:30 - 12:00
横浜市開港記念会館 9 号室 / Yokohama Port Opening Plaza Room 9
2121   Invited   A1-I21-001 Dec. 21 09:30 10:00 Keiichi KANETO Osaka Institute of Technology Electrochemomechanical Deformation in Conducting Polymers
2440     A1-O21-002 Dec. 21 10:00 10:20 Masaki FUCHIWAKI Kyushu Institute of Tecnology Asymmetric Bilayer Soft Actuator based on Conducting Polymer, Polypyrrole
2090     A1-O21-003 Dec. 21 10:20 10:40 *M Haruki SAITO University of Yamanashi All-Organic Flexible Supercapacitors Using Conducting Polymer
2091     A1-O21-004 Dec. 21 10:40 11:00 *M Masaki SATO University of Yamanashi Optimization of Electro-Active Ionic Liquid-Polyurethane Soft Actuators
2093     A1-O21-005 Dec. 21 11:00 11:20 *M Takahiro KONDO University of Yamanashi Flexible Sensor Based on Piezoionic Effect
2536     A1-O21-006 Dec. 21 11:20 11:40 *G Norihiro KAMAMICHI Dept. of Robotics and Mechatronics, Tokyo Denki University Feedback Control of Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuators in Considering Individual Differences and Variations of Response Characteristics
2201     A1-O21-007 Dec. 21 11:40 12:00 *M Jinta NANPO Graduate School of Science & Technology, Niigata University/JST-ALCA Magnetic-Field Sensitivity for Bimodal Magnetic Elastomers Containing Aluminum Hydroxide Particles