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The 26th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

Advanced Functional Oxide Materials

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Presentation Date Time to
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 20
9:30 - 16:05
横浜情報文化センター / Yokohama Media & Communications Center
Chair :
Tetsuya YAMAMOTO (Kochi University of Technology)
2287   Keynote   A3-K20-001 Dec. 20 09:30 10:10 Chris G. VAN DE WALLE University of California, Santa Barbara First-principles studies of complex oxides and their interfaces
2058   Invited   A3-I20-002 Dec. 20 10:10 10:35 Shizuo FUJITA Photonics and Electronics Science and Engineering Canter, Kyoto University Ultra-Wide Band Gap Oxide Semiconductors for Electrical and Optical Applications
   休憩/Break Dec. 20 10:35 10:45
Chair :
Shizuo FUJITA (Kyoto University)
2778     A3-O20-003 Dec. 20 10:45 11:00 *G Akifumi MATSUDA Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Buffer-induced room-temperature epitaxy of β-Ga2O3 thin films by excimer laser annealing
2756     A3-O20-004 Dec. 20 11:00 11:15 Shimizu KOUSAKU Nihon University Analysis of NBITS Instability for InGaZnO4 and InSnZnO4 TFTs using Reflection Constant Photocurrent Method
2491     A3-O20-005 Dec. 20 11:15 11:30 Hayato KAMEI Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University Controllable energy transfer between Tm3+ and Yb3+ ions in Tm,Yb-codoped ZnO grown by sputtering-assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
2102     A3-O20-006 Dec. 20 11:30 11:45 Shunta SATO Nagoya Institute of Technology Fabrication of AlOx thin films by drop photochemical deposition
2580     A3-O20-007 Dec. 20 11:45 12:00 John David BANIECKI Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 243-0197 Strain Dependent Electronic Structure and Energy Band Alignments at Interfaces between Stannate (ASnO3, M = Ca, Sr, Ba) and SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin Films
Chair :
Tomoaki TERASAKO (Ehime University)
2616   Invited   A3-I20-008 Dec. 20 13:00 13:25 Katsuhiko INABA Rigaku Corp, X-ray Res. Lab XRD analysis of modern functional oxide thin films with multi-dimensional detector
2357   Invited   A3-I20-009 Dec. 20 13:25 13:50 Keisuke KOBAYASHI Kochi University of Technology Application of Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to Advanced Oxide Material Research
   休憩/Break Dec. 20 13:50 14:00
Chair :
Chris G. VAN DE WALLE (University of California, Santa Barbara)
2495   Invited   A3-I20-010 Dec. 20 14:00 14:25 Taro HITOSUGI Tokyo Institute of Technology/Tohoku University Understanding Complex Oxide Surfaces in an Atomic Scale: Past, Present and Future
2620   Invited   A3-I20-011 Dec. 20 14:25 14:50 Filip TUOMISTO Aalto University Ga vacancies and electrical compensation in Ga2O3 and its alloys
   休憩/Break Dec. 20 14:50 15:00
Chair :
Teruyasu MIZOGUCHI (University of Tokyo),
Masaya ICHIMURA (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
2414   Invited   A3-I20-012 Dec. 20 15:00 15:25 Teruyasu MIZOGUCHI Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo Acceleration of structure searching and structure-property relationship of crystal interface using informatics approach
2723   Invited   A3-I20-013 Dec. 20 15:25 15:50 *G Junie jhon Magdadaro VEQUIZO Quantum Interface Laboratory, Toyota Technological Institute Dynamics of Photocarriers of Brookite TiO2 Studied by Spectroscopic Techniques: A Comparison with Anatase and Rutile TiO2 Photocatalysts
2807     A3-O20-014 Dec. 20 15:50 16:05 Yasufumi FUJIWARA Osaka University Critical Role of Oxygen in Eu-Doped GaN
Dec. 21
9:30 - 16:15
横浜情報文化センター / Yokohama Media & Communications Center
Chair :
Filip TUOMISTO (Aalto Univ.)
2070   Invited   A3-I21-001 Dec. 21 09:30 09:55 Nobuaki KITAZAWA Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Defense Academy Solution Processed Iron Oxide Nanowire Arrays: Growth, Nanostructures, and Properties
2052   Invited   A3-I21-002 Dec. 21 09:55 10:20 C. c. YANG National Taiwan University Growth of Ga-doped ZnO Nanowires and Their Applications
2461     A3-O21-003 Dec. 21 10:20 10:35 Takashi KOIDA Research Center for Photovoltaics, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Electrical properties of Al doped ZnO films post-annealed under controlled O2 partial pressure
   休憩/Break Dec. 21 10:35 10:45
Chair :
Nobuaki KITAZAWA (National Defense Academy)
2636     A3-O21-004 Dec. 21 10:45 11:00 *G Hisashi KITAMI Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd./Research Institute, Kochi University of Technology Influences of incident particle fluxes on the growth and properties of Ga-doped ZnO films deposited by ion-plating with dc arc discharge
2436     A3-O21-005 Dec. 21 11:00 11:15 Kanji YASUI Nagaoka University of Technology Structure and properties of non-polar ZnO films grown using high-temperature H2O generated by catalytic reaction
2191     A3-O21-006 Dec. 21 11:15 11:30 Nobuaki TAKEDA Nagoya Institute of Technology Fabrication of Fe-S/FeOOH hetero junctions by electrochemical deposition
2695     A3-O21-007 Dec. 21 11:30 11:45 Aiko NARAZAKI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Laser-Induced Forward Transfer of Functional Oxides
2582     A3-O21-008 Dec. 21 11:45 12:00 Junichi NOMOTO Research Inst., Kochi Univ. Tech. Effects of irradiation of electronegative oxygen ions on point defects and adsorbed species on the surface of transparent conductive Ga-doped ZnO polycrystalline films
Chair :
Keisuke KOBAYASHI (Kochi University of Technology)
2840   Keynote   A3-K21-009 Dec. 21 13:00 13:40 Masahiro YOSHIMURA National Cheng Kung University Functional Materials: Definition, Origin and Improvement of Functionality of Materials
2274   Invited   A3-I21-010 Dec. 21 13:40 14:05 Erni JOHAN Materials Science and Engineering Graduate School of Science and Engineering New Function of Zeolites as Rare Earth-Free Luminescent Material
   休憩/Break Dec. 21 14:05 14:15
Chair :
C. C. Yang (National Taiwan University)
2513   Invited   A3-I21-011 Dec. 21 14:15 14:40 Jianrong QIU School of Optical Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University Glass-ceramic fibers for photonic devices
2563   Invited   A3-I21-012 Dec. 21 14:40 15:05 Minoru OSADA MANA, NIMS New Electronic Materials Based on Two-Dimensional Oxides
   休憩/Break Dec. 21 15:05 15:15
Chair :
Minoru OSADA (National Institute for Materials Science)
2703     A3-O21-013 Dec. 21 15:15 15:30 *D Ryosuke KAMAKURA Kyoto University Periodic array of indium tin oxide particle for plasmonics
2587     A3-O21-014 Dec. 21 15:30 15:45 *D Zongquan GU Drexel University Chemical stability of Ba0.95La0.05SnO3 thin film in base solution and its effect on light absorption
2662     A3-O21-015 Dec. 21 15:45 16:00 Hiroaki NISHIKAWA Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology, Kindai University Flexibilization of Epitaxial Thin Films of Perovskite Type Oxide by Using Decal Process
2651     A3-O21-016 Dec. 21 16:00 16:15 Kiyoshi UCHIYAMA National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College High quality depositions of proton conductive perovskite thin films
Dec. 22
9:30 - 11:40
横浜情報文化センター / Yokohama Media & Communications Center
Chair :
Kiyoshi UCHIYAMA (National Institute of Technology, Tsuruoka College)
2606   Invited   A3-I22-001 Dec. 22 09:30 09:55 *G Hiromi TANAKA National Institute of Technology, Yonago College Growth and Characterization of Bi-based High Temperature Superconducting Whisker
2239   Invited   A3-I22-002 Dec. 22 09:55 10:20 Katsuhisa TANAKA Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University Dielectric and Magnetic Functionalities of Oxides with Perovskite-related Structures
2684   Invited   A3-I22-003 Dec. 22 10:20 10:45 Jun AKEDO National Institue of Advanced Industrial Science 6 Technology Room Temperature Impact Consolidation (RTIC) of Fine Ceramic Particles on Aerosol Deposition Process
   休憩/Break Dec. 22 10:45 10:55
Chair :
Hiromi TANAKA (National Institute of Technology, Yonago College)
2605     A3-O22-004 Dec. 22 10:55 11:10 *D Kazunori KOMORI National Institute for Materials Science/Kanazawa Institute of Techology Preparation of 4-inch Bore HTS Seamless Loop Using Cut-and-Wind Method on Coated Tape Conductor Targeting Magnetic Flux Transformer Application
2410     A3-O22-005 Dec. 22 11:10 11:25 Osami YANAGISAWA Maritime Technology Department, National Institute of Technology, Yuge College Physical property of multiferroic 0.7BaTiO3-0.3Pr0.65Ca0.35MnO3 core shell.
2808     A3-O22-006 Dec. 22 11:25 11:40 *M Shohei OHASHI College of Science and Technology, Nihon University Electric Properties of [(CaFeOx)/(LaFeO3)] Artificial Superlattices