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The 26th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

Novel deveropment of research in fullerenes and carbon nanomaterials

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Dec. 21
9:30 - 14:45
波止場会館 / Hatoba Kaikan 中会議室/Meeting Room M
Chair :
青木 伸之(千葉大学)
Nobuyuki Aoki (Chiba Univ.)
2159     C1-O21-001 Dec. 21 09:30 09:45 Hideo HASHIZUME National Institute for Materials Science Adsorption of Lecithin by Fullerene
2670     C1-O21-002 Dec. 21 09:45 10:00 Ryo HOSHINO College of Science and Technology, Nihon University Electronic Evaluation of Metal Intercalated Bilayer Graphene
2571     C1-O21-003 Dec. 21 10:00 10:15 *D Koki BABA Graduate School of Science and Engneering, Ibaraki University Preparation of Catalyst for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Using the Marimo-Like Carbon
2487     C1-O21-004 Dec. 21 10:15 10:30 *M Haruto GOTOH Graduate School of Science and Engineering, University of Ibaraki Preparation and Charge/Discharge Characteristics of a Li4Ti5O12/Marimo Carbon Composite
   Break Dec. 21 10:30 10:45
Chair :
緒方 啓典(法政大学)
Hironori OGATA (Hosei Univ.)
2037   Invited   C1-I21-005 Dec. 21 10:45 11:15 Kunichi MIYAZAWA Department of Chemical Sciences and Technology,Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Technology,Tokyo University of Science Microstructural Characterization of the C60 Fullerene Nanowhiskers Irradiated by Raman Laser Beams
2400     C1-O21-006 Dec. 21 11:15 11:30 *M Hiroaki HAYASE Graduate School of Nanobioscience, Yokohama City University Growth condition of C70 Nanowhiskers by Liquid-Liquid Interfacial Precipitation Method
2581     C1-O21-007 Dec. 21 11:30 11:45 *B Saori YAMAMOTO Division of Materials Science, International College of Arts and Sciences, Yokohama City University Self-Assembly of C60 Nanosheet
2269     C1-O21-008 Dec. 21 11:45 12:00 Lok Kumar SHRESTHA National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Porous Fullerene Nanomaterials: From Zero to Higher Dimensions
Chair :
若原 孝次(物材機構)
2412     C1-O21-009 Dec. 21 13:00 13:15 *M Ryo YOSHIE Yokohama City University Structural Evaluation of Carbon Nanowalls by X-ray Diffraction
2252     C1-O21-010 Dec. 21 13:15 13:30 Keisuke TOYAMA Toyo University Plasma Modification of Carbon Nanowall
2766     C1-O21-011 Dec. 21 13:30 13:45 Qin TANG National Institute for Materials Science Manipulate Fullerene Superstructures by Complexing with Polycyclic Aromatic Dyes
2143     C1-O21-012 Dec. 21 13:45 14:00 *M Keisuke ISHIZEK Depertment of Electrical Engineering, Tokyo University of Science Million-Atom Simulation on Quantum Transport in Nanostructures: Application to the Crossover from Quantum to Classical Transport Characteristics of Carbon Nanotubes
Chair :
橘 勝(横浜市立大学)
Masaru TACHIBANA (Yokohama City Univ.)
2787     C1-O21-013 Dec. 21 14:00 14:15 *M Eita YOKOKURA Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Major in Applied Chemistry, Hosei University First-Principles Calculations of Electronic States and Solid State NMR Parameters in Alkali Halides Encapsulated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
2790     C1-O21-014 Dec. 21 14:15 14:30 Yutaka SATO Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Hosei University Local Structures and Electronic States of Chalcogen Encapsulated in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations and First-Principles DFT Calculations
2480     C1-O21-015 Dec. 21 14:30 14:45 *D Koji YOKOYAMA Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Electrocatalysts by Defluorination and their Catalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction Reaction