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The 26th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Poster

Polarization related ferroic properties and new functional materials

Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 19
15:30 - 17:30
産業貿易センタービル Hall (1F) / INDUSTRY & TRADE CENTER , Hall (1F)
Chair : 中嶋 宇史 (東京理科大学) Takashi Nakajima (Tokyo University of Science)  
2051   A2-P19-001 Dec. 19  Hiroki MATSUO Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Quantification of the Bulk and Domain-Wall Photovoltaic Effects in Ferroelectric BiFeO3 Thin Films
2163   A2-P19-002 Dec. 19  *M Kota TAKAYAMA Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Enhancement of Anomalous Photovoltaic Effect by Mn Doping to BiFeO3 Thin Films
2381   A2-P19-003 Dec. 19  *M Shohei TSUCHIMORI Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainabilty、NAGOYA University Enhancement of photocurrent properties of ZnO/BiFeO3 layered thin films prepared by chemical solution deposition
2010   A2-P19-004 Dec. 19  *M Wataru NAMIKI Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo University of Science Crystal Structure and Electrical Properties of Nd0.6Sr0.4FeO3-δ Thin Film
2286   A2-P19-005 Dec. 19  Atsushi INUZUKA Guraduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo Photovoltaic Properties of Manganese-Doped Niobium-based Ferroelectric Films
2618   A2-P19-006 Dec. 19  *D Masanori OCHI Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo University of Science Structure and high ion conductivity of BaCe1-x(Y,Zr)xO3-d thin film
2282   A2-P19-007 Dec. 19  *M Yuu FUJII Tokyo institute of Technology University Tsurumi / Takeda Laboratory Fabrication and Characterization of Li-ion Conducting Garnet-Type Metal Oxide for Solid State Ionic Capacitor
2011   A2-P19-008 Dec. 19  *M Shoto FURUICHI Tokyo University of Science Structural and Electrical Properties of BaPr1-xYxO3-δ Thin Film with Oxygen Vacancies
2647   A2-P19-009 Dec. 19  *B Akira TAMAI Tokyo Uniersity of Science Structural and Electrical Properties of SrCe0.95Sm0.05O3 Thin Film
2531   A2-P19-010 Dec. 19  Hayato NONAMI Graduate School of Engineering, University of Osaka Prefecture Carrier control of Ce doped Si using organic ferroelectric, P(VDF-TrFE) as gate insulator
2375   A2-P19-011 Dec. 19  *M Kazutoshi KUTSUNA University of Tokyo Photovoltaic properties of BaTiO3-based thin film capacitors with SrRuO3 electrodes
2639   A2-P19-012 Dec. 19  *M Ryotaro EBISAWA Tokyo University of Science Crystal phase and orientation dependence of photocatalytic activities of anatase and rutile TiO2 thin films fabricated by MOCVD
2646   A2-P19-013 Dec. 19  *B Masaki SEKINE Tokyo University of Science Structural and Electrical Properties of Ti0.9Fe0.1O2-d Thin Film with Lattice Distortion
2229   A2-P19-014 Dec. 19  *M Shota SETO Graduate School of engineering, University of Hyogo Artificial Induction of Charged Domain Walls into BiFeO3 Thin Film using Patterned SrTiO3 Substrate
2364   A2-P19-015 Dec. 19  *M Akihito KURITA Tokyo University of Science Electrical Properties of Bismuth-Layer-Structure Ferroelectric (K0.5Bi0.5)Bi2Nb2O9 Ceramics
2385   A2-P19-016 Dec. 19  *M Naoto YABUUCHI Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University Electrical properties of Mn-doped NaNbO3-BaTiO3 piezoelectric ceramics prepared by solid-state reaction
2613   A2-P19-017 Dec. 19  *M Kota NORITAKE Institute of Materials and systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University Mnをドープした(Ba1-xCax)TiO3圧電セラミックスの電気的特性
2648   A2-P19-018 Dec. 19  *M Nozomi HATA Tokyo Uniersity of Science Leakage current properties of ferroelectric thin films measured using pulsive electric field
2458   A2-P19-019 Dec. 19  *M Sarah najwa ZAMALIK University of Yamanashi Microstructure Control for BT-BMT-BF Piezoelectric Ceramics by Doping
2424   A2-P19-020 Dec. 19  *M Ken MATSUMOTO University of Yamanashi Electrical Properties of Barium Titanate/Bismuth-based Piezoelectric Nanocomposite Ceramics by Solvothermal Solidification Method
2212   A2-P19-021 Dec. 19  *M Eri TAKADA University of Hyogo Piezoelectric properties and local structure analysis of (Na0.50K0.45Li0.05)NbO3(Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Zr0.10Ti0.90)O3 solid solutions by malic acid complex solution method
2439   A2-P19-022 Dec. 19  Kazuki NUKUMIZU University Of Yamanashi Piezoelectric Properties of (111)-oriented Tetragonal BaTiO3 Ceramics Fabricated by an ElectroPhoretic Deposition in a high Magnetic Field with Tetragonal-Hexagonal Biphase Particles
2538   A2-P19-023 Dec. 19  *M Hiroyuki KAKIUCHI University of Yamanashi Introduction of Strains in Paraelectrics/Paraelectrics Composite Ceramics by Low-Temperature Process and Their Dielectric Properties
2253   A2-P19-024 Dec. 19  *M Kyohei AKIMOTO Materials Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology Material Constants and Surface Acoustic Wave Property of Ca2Al2SiO7 Single Crystals
2666   A2-P19-025 Dec. 19  Masato MATSUURA Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society Neutron small angle scattering study of domain correlations in the relaxor (1-x)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-xPbTiO3
2702   A2-P19-026 Dec. 19  *G Takashi NAKAJIMA Tokyo University of Science//PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Agency Structure and Ferroelectric Properties of Nylon-11 Thin Film Prepared by Spin-Coating
2600   A2-P19-027 Dec. 19  Yasuhiro FUTAKAWA Graduate School of Science and Technology Nihon University Magnetization dynamics of exchange coupled GdFeCo thin layer / FePt isolated particle