Symposia & Program

E : Polarization related ferroic properties and new functional materials


Dr. Yasuhiro Yoneda JAEA/SPring-8
Dr. Seiji Nakashima Univ. Hyogo
Dr. Kenji Ohwada JAEA
Prof. Masaki Takesada Hokkaido Univ.
Prof. Wataru Sakamoto Nagoya Univ.
Dr. Shinya Tsukada Shimane Univ.
Prof. Hajime Nagata Tokyo Univ. of Sci.
Prof. Takashi Nakajima Tokyo Univ. of Sci.
Prof. Tohru Higuchi Tokyo Univ. of Sci.
Dr. Takuya Hoshina Tokyo Tech.
Dr. Masato Matsuura CROSS
Dr. Ruiping Wang AIST


Polarization and domain engineering has been demonstrated to provide unprecedented properties, leading to the breakthrough in the ferroic materials. Moreover, improved and newly developed polarization and domain control techniques have propelled the studies of domain structure that have renovated and expanded the materials development. This symposium intends to provide an interdisciplinary forum at which investigators involved in basic, applied, and theoretic research can meet to review recent developments in the field of ferroic community.


1. Polarization and domain engineering
2. Piezoelectrics and lead-free piezoelectrics
3. Thin films, nanostructure, size effects
4. Advances in Ferroic materials
5. Ferroelectrics under extreme conditions: critical phenomenon, phase transition"