Symposia & Program

F : Novel deveropment of research in fullerenes and carbon nanomaterials


Prof. Nobuyuki Aoki Department of Nanomaterial Science, Chiba University
Prof. Nobuyuki Aoki Department of Nanomaterial Science, Chiba University
Prof. Hironori Ogata Department of Chemical Science and Technology, Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry, Hosei University
Dr. Takatsugu Wakahara National Institute for Materials Science, Materials Processing Unit, Fullerene Engineering Group
Dr. Toshihiro Ando National Institute for Materials Science, Carbon Composite Materials Group
Prof. Masaru Tachibana Department of Nanosystem Science, Yokohama City University
Prof. Shigeo Nakamura Department of Chemistry, Nippon Medical School


Since discovery of fullerene in 1985, studies of physical properties of fullerene is continuously developed. The recent studies are extended widely; the not only structural control by synthesizing such as fullerene nano whiskers (FNW), fullerene nanotubes (FNT) and fullerene nanosheets but also control of physical properties by polymerization of fullerene molecules using pressure application or light and electron beam irradiation. Recently, new applications of fullerene materials for an absorption of biomolecules and for fuelcells have also been studied. Hence, this symposium provides the forum to present the above wide basic and application studies of fullerene nano-materials, including the other advanced nano-carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, carbon nano-wall, Marimo carbon, and so on including the experimental and the theoretical studies.


1. fullerene
2. fullerene nanostructures
3. carbon nanotube
4. graphene
5. carbon nanocomposit