Symposia & Program

M : Materials Frontier


Prof. Yu Nagase Tokai University
Prof. Yu Nagase Tokai University
Prof. Yasuro Ikuma Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Prof. Yasuro Ikuma Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Prof. Tatsuo Noma Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Dr. Minoru Osada National Institute for Materials Science
Prof. Tomoaki Watanabe Meiji University
Prof. Toshiki Hagiwara Nihon University
Dr. Masuki Kawamoto RIKEN
Prof. Yosuke Okamura Tokai University
Prof. Takeru Ito Tokai University


Scientific and technological advances have been directly related to the development of new materials or new theories. In this session, we ask researchers to submit papers on new synthesis methods, excellent properties, and new applications of materials such as metals, ceramics, semiconductors, inorganic materials, organic materials, polymers and composite materials. The papers will be presented by oral or poster. The session will not be concentrated on specific area of research, but will be open to the researches of many different areas. By showing their research results to other researchers and discussing them with others, we expect that the session will provide the opportunity to discuss and find the direction of research and development of new materials.


1. Inorganic materials
2. Organic materials
3. Ceramics
4. Synthetic polymers
5. Composite materials