Symposia & Program

S : National College of Technology Collaboration(Provisional)


Prof. takaya Sato NIT,Tsuruoka College
Prof. toshiyuki Mori NIMS
Dr. Shigeharu Ito NIT,Tsuruoka College
Dr. Takashi Morinaga NIT,Tsuruoka College
Dr. Daisuke Kawagoe NIT,Oyama College
Prof. Nobuo Araki NIT,Nagaoka College
Prof. Eiji Takada NIT,Toyama College
Prof. Yoshihisa Matsumoto NIT,Oita College
Dr. shin-ichi Shimasaki NIT,Kagawa College


National College of Technology (NIT), called KOSEN was established in 1961 in response to a strong demand from the industrial sector to foster engineers. There are 51 College of NITs in Japan. Approximately, 10,000 students graduate from NITs every year. The NITs provide five and/or seven years engineering education from 15 years old and they have various departments in the college related to many material chemistry and technology. The college students who have completed the 7 - year curriculum, acquire a bachelor degree. In the field of material science, research team consisting of faculty members and students works on research and development with a view toward practical application. In this symposium, we welcome the presentations from researchers and students belonging to the NITs concerning research and development aimed for the practical application, especially selecting six topics such as energy, material engineering, recycling, structural materials, biomaterials and tribology from the materials science field.


2.Materials Engineering
4.Structural material