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The 27th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

A:Frontier of Nano-Materials Based on Advanced Plasma Technologies

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Presentation Date Time to
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 5
13:00 - 15:30
横浜市開港記念会館 Room 6
Yokohama Port Opening Plaza, Room 6
Chair :
八田 章光(高知工科大学)
Akimitsu HATTA(Kochi University of Technology)
2240   Invited   A-I5-001 Dec. 5 13:00 13:30 Tetsuji SHIMIZU National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology/terraplasma GmbH Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment on Chronic Wounds
2227   Invited   A-I5-002 Dec. 5 13:30 14:00 Giichiro UCHIDA Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Development of a 60 MHz nonthermal plasma jet and selective production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the plasma treated water
2507   Invited   A-I5-003 Dec. 5 14:00 14:30 Keisuke TAKASHIMA Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Characterization on Reactive Species Transfer from Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasma Effluent to Liquid Water
2417   Invited   A-I5-004 Dec. 5 14:30 15:00 Hiromasa TANAKA Nagoya University Plasma medical science and Plasma-activated medium
2490     A-O5-005 Dec. 5 15:00 15:15 Kenji ISHIKAWA Nagoya University Intracellular responses during incubation in plasma-activated cell culture medium (PAM)
2262     A-O5-006 Dec. 5 15:15 15:30 *M Sotaro YAMAOKA Department of Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University Morphological Dynamics of Supported Lipid Bilayers in Plasma-Activated Liquids Observed by High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy
Dec. 5
16:00 - 19:00
横浜市開港記念会館 Room 6
Yokohama Port Opening Plaza, Room 6
Chair :
内田 儀一郎(大阪大学)
Giichiro UCHIDA(Osaka University)
2208   Invited   A-I5-007 Dec. 5 16:00 16:30 Shin KAJITA Nagoya University Plasma induced He bubble growth in metals: from fractal nanostructure to photocatalysts
2576     A-O5-008 Dec. 5 16:30 16:45 Akimitsu HATTA Center for Nanotechnology, Kochi University of Technology/Graduate School of Engineering, Kochi University of Technology Development of Pulsed DC Plasma for Application to CVD of Nano-carbon Films
2445   Invited   A-I5-009 Dec. 5 16:45 17:15 *G Kentaro TOMITA Kyushu University Diagnostics of extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) light source plasmas for next generation semiconductor lithography
2327   Invited   A-I5-010 Dec. 5 17:15 17:45 Makoto MATSUI Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University Laser Sustained Plasma by High Power Laser Diode
2404   Invited   A-I5-011 Dec. 5 17:45 18:15 Tsuyohito ITO The University of Tokyo Plasma materials processing with microdroplets
2405     A-O5-012 Dec. 5 18:15 18:30 Tatsuru SHIRAFUJI Osaka City University/W-FST Center, Tokyo University of Science Size Distribution of Gold Nanoparticles Embedded in a Polymer Film Formed by Plasma in Contact with Aqueous Solution of HAuCl4 and Gelatin
2349     A-O5-013 Dec. 5 18:30 18:45 *M Masaumi TANI Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University Modification of Oxide Particles by Plasma Generated in Aqueous Solution
Dec. 6
9:30 - 12:00
横浜市開港記念会館 Room 7
Yokohama Port Opening Plaza, Room 7
Chair :
古閑 一憲(九州大学)
Kazunori Koga(Kyushu University)
2567   Keynote   A-K6-001 Dec. 6 09:30 10:00 Hirotaka TOYODA Nagoya University Development of Microwave Plasma Sources and its Application to Materials Processing
2536   Invited   A-I6-002 Dec. 6 10:00 10:30 Mickael LOZACH National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Research Center for Photovoltaics Characterization of SiOx:H Ultra-Thin Films Fabricated by Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition for Advanced Passivation Layers applied to Heterojunction Solar Cells
2042   Invited   A-I6-003 Dec. 6 10:30 11:00 *G Hyunwoong SEO Kyushu University Advanced plasma process for next-generation photovoltaics
2333   Invited   A-I6-004 Dec. 6 11:00 11:30 Makoto KAMBARA Department of Materials Engineering, The University of Tokyo Enhancement in capacity of lithium ion batteries with composite Si:Sn nanoparticulate anode produced through co-condensation in PS-PVD
2156     A-O6-005 Dec. 6 11:30 11:45 *D Seigo KAMESHIMA Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Nonthermal plasma enhanced CO2 adsorption over Ni/Al2O3 catalysts
Dec. 6
13:00 - 15:30
横浜市開港記念会館 Room 7
Yokohama Port Opening Plaza, Room 7
Chair :
神原 淳(東京大学
Makoto KAMBARA(The University of Tokyo)
2104   Keynote   A-K6-006 Dec. 6 13:00 13:30 Jin-hyo BOO Sungkyunkwan University Atmospheric Plasma Mediated Synthesis of ZnO Nanomaterials for Bio-medical Application
2573   Invited   A-I6-007 Dec. 6 13:30 14:00 Naho ITAGAKI Kyushu University Fabrication of High-Mobility Nanocrystal-Free a-In2O3:Sn Films by Magnetron Sputtering with Impurity-Mediated Amorphization Method
2176     A-O6-008 Dec. 6 14:00 14:15 Atsushi TANIDE SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. /Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University Plasma-enhanced CVD growth of GaN films
2264   Invited   A-I6-009 Dec. 6 14:15 14:45 Takeru OKADA Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University Selective Formation of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene by Neutral Nitrogen Beam
2468     A-O6-010 Dec. 6 14:45 15:00 *M Wakana OKITA Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Electrical transport properties of suspended graphene nanoribbons grown by plasma CVD
2334     A-O6-011 Dec. 6 15:00 15:15 *D Firman JUANGSA Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Phonon Thermal Transport in Silicon Nanoparticles and Polystyrene Nanocomposite Thin Films
2440     A-O6-012 Dec. 6 15:15 15:30 Kazunori KOGA Kyushu University Deposition of High Quality Silicon Thin Films Utilizing Nanoparticles Trapped in Plasmas