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The 27th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

J:Nano-biotechnology on Interfaces

Entry No Keynote/
Presentation Date Time to
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 7
9:20 - 17:20
横浜市開港記念会館 7号室/ Yokohama Port Opening Plaza Room7
2432     J-O7-001 Dec. 7 09:20 09:40 *M Ren ZHANG Department of Bioengineering, The University of Tokyo Multifunctional and Cytocompatible Phospholipid Polymer Hydrogels with Immobilization of Active Cells
2497     J-O7-002 Dec. 7 09:40 10:00 *G Kyohei OKUBO The University of Tokyo Nano-designed interface toward single exosome analysis
2211     J-O7-003 Dec. 7 10:00 10:20 *G Kazutoshi IIJIMA Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science Regeneration of Hyaline Cartilage from Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Interpenetrating Polymer Network Gels Consisting of Chitosan, Polyethylene Glycol and Peptides
2275     J-O7-004 Dec. 7 10:20 10:40 *G Yuri KAMON Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University Molecularly imprinted nanocavities for angiogenesis factor proteins capable of protein-ligand interaction-based recognition with size/shape selectivity
2529     J-O7-005 Dec. 7 10:40 11:00 *G Hiroyuki KAI Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University Development of porous polymer microneedles and their applications to transdermal interfaces
2360     J-O7-006 Dec. 7 11:00 11:20 *G Mana TOMA Kwansei Gakuin University Fabrication of multiple structural colors by using plasmonic nanodome arrays
2326   Invited   J-I7-007 Dec. 7 11:20 11:50 Naoki MATSUDA AIST Development of AuNP dispersed water solution without surfactant for surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy platform
2539   Keynote   J-K7-008 Dec. 7 13:20 14:00 Seung-Wuk Lee University of California, Berkeley Biomimetic Design of Nanomaterials
2554   Invited   J-I7-009 Dec. 7 14:00 14:30 MASARU TANAKA (Kyushu Univrsity, Yamagata University) Role of Interfacial Water in Cell/Protein/Material Interaction - Design of Multi-Functional Biomaterials Based on the Intermediate Water Concept
2338   Invited   J-I7-010 Dec. 7 14:30 15:00 Daiki MURAKAMI Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University/Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University Analysis of Interfacial structure and Blood-Compatibility at PMEA/Water Interface.
2544   Invited   J-I7-011 Dec. 7 15:00 15:30 Tomohiro HAYASHI Tokyo Institute of Technology Design of biomaterials using material-informatics
2475   Invited   J-I7-012 Dec. 7 15:50 16:20 Tomoyuki KOGA Doshisha University Self-supporting nanofilms from peptide-based multiblock copolymers
2236   Invited   J-I7-013 Dec. 7 16:20 16:50 Shuji NAKANISHI Osaka University Specific Interaction between Redox Phospholipid Polymers and Plastoquinone in Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain
2542   Invited   J-I7-014 Dec. 7 16:50 17:20 Takashi AMEMIYA Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences Glycolytic oscillations in HeLa cervical cancer cells and their mathematical model analysis