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The 26th Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Poster

K:eco product session

Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Dec. 6
13:00 - 18:00
2074   K-P6-001 Dec. 6  Keisuke HATA Polytech Center Chiba Composite of Woodceramics and Elastic Material with Concrete
2295   K-P6-002 Dec. 6  *M Junichi TONE Shibaura Institute of Technology Production of woodceramics using cashew nuts shell and cashew nuts shell liquid
2332   K-P6-003 Dec. 6  Kimihisa MATSUMOTO Department of Intelligent Systems Design Engineering, Toyama Prefectural University Photoluminescence properties of Si nanoparticles made from rice husks as agricultural residues
2319   K-P6-004 Dec. 6  *G Keiji KOMATSU Nagaoka University of Technology Adsorption and separation behaviors of CO2 and CH4 gases on nanoporous carbon fabricated from rice husk
2286   K-P6-005 Dec. 6  *B Masato SASAKI School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, University of Chukyo Relationship between the amount of acidic functional groups of rice hull charcoal carbonized in nitrogen stream and adsorption ability
2078   K-P6-006 Dec. 6  *G Shuhei Yabe Graduate School/Agricultural Science, Tohoku University Performance for removing hydrogen sulfide of the compost materials from various wastes
2157   K-P6-007 Dec. 6  *M Hiroki MIZUSHIMA Kanagawa Univ. Effect of Alkali Metal Ion of Electrolytic Aids on Bactericidal Effect of Electrolyzed Water
2179   K-P6-008 Dec. 6  *M Misako KOMATSU Kanagawa Univ. Evaluation of odorous substances indoor environment such as toilet using VOC adsorption method
2234   K-P6-009 Dec. 6  *B Ryo HAMAMOTO National Institute of Technology,Okinawa College Elucidation of the influence of the viscosity in liquid sterilization by shock wave
2350   K-P6-010 Dec. 6  *B Daigo UEHARA National Institute of Technology Department of Bioresources Engineering Analysis of aroma components of Pinus Luchuensis Mayr and its characterization
2548   K-P6-011 Dec. 6  *M Soichiro MATSUBARA Graduate School of Chukyo University Preparation of Interlocking Block Containing Chaff Charcoal for Environmental Preservation and Evaluation of Metal Ion Adsorption Capacity in Aqueous Solution
2310   K-P6-012 Dec. 6  Kazuhiko OGAWA Shimane Polytechnic Junior College attached to Chugoku Polytechnic College Use of egg shell as interior material
2345   K-P6-013 Dec. 6  Yutaka NAMIKI AOIMORIKOKUDOHOZEN-KYOUDOUKUMIAI Bio-Char:Production & Application
2057   K-P6-014 Dec. 6  Shuetsu SAITO Forestry and Forest Products Rsearch Institute,Natinal Research and Development Agency Improvement of shape of load contact parts of weighing equipment usable in lumber dryer
2155   K-P6-015 Dec. 6  *M Ayumu ENDO Kanagawa Univ. Influence of salt to Methyl Cellulose Thermo-Reversible Hydrogels Containing PEG
2496   K-P6-016 Dec. 6  *G Osamu HIGA National institute of Technology, Okinawa College Development of Shock Wave Processing Device for Industrial Applications
2267   K-P6-017 Dec. 6  Ayumi TAKEMOTO Department of Bioresources Engineering, National Institute of Technology,Okinawa College Resin Replica Specimen Fabrication Method using Shock Wave Molding, the Explography
2251   K-P6-018 Dec. 6  Osamu Sasaki Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Co.,LTD Technical Center About the practical use of the emulsified fuel for environmental preservation
2209   K-P6-019 Dec. 6  Koji FUKUDA National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Social effect of expansion of the bioethanol production made from numerous yield rice
2578   K-P6-020 Dec. 6  Tomiyuki OKANO Katsushika-ku Science Education Center Challenges Related to Scientific Literacy for Attaining a Sustainable Society
2517   K-P6-021 Dec. 6  Takeshi MAEDA Graduate School of Regional Studies, Hirosaki University Creating mechanisms of eco-friendly apple cultivation using information technology
2553   K-P6-022 Dec. 6  *M A. JAMSARI Yamaguchi University Tensile Properties of Injection-molded Ramie Fiber Reinforced Green Composite using M-PaRI
2471   K-P6-023 Dec. 6  *B Kota SEYA Tokyo Gakugei University Evaluation of wettability in wood surface processing technology under high-speed friction
2408   K-P6-024 Dec. 6  Ryuichi IIDA Institute of wood technology, Akita prefectural university Investigation of wood adhesive property by surface pretreatment
2260   K-P6-025 Dec. 6  Koji ADACHI Institute of Wood Technology, Akita Prefectural University Development of plywood using thermoplastic adhesive and its performance evaluation
2586   K-P6-026 Dec. 6  *G Kazuya MIYATA Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center Evaluation Experiment of Prototype Electric Heaters against Snow and Ice Accretion on LED Traffic Lights
2235   K-P6-027 Dec. 6  Junichiro TSUJI Polytech Center Gunma Development of humidity sensor which uses cashew nuts shell oil