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The 31st Annual Meeting of MRS-J Program List: Oral

G:Biosensors and Biofuel Cells for Smart Community and Smart Life

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Dec. 13
9:30 - 11:35
PACIFICO Yokohama North 2F G214
Chair :
辻村清也(筑波大),四反田 功 (東京理科大学)
S. Tsujimura (Univ Tsukuba), I. Shitanda (Tokyo Univ Sci)
2203   Invited   G-I13-001 Dec. 13 09:30 10:00 Salivaomics for Diseases Screening

Shigeo ISHIKAWA(Department of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,Faculty of Medicine, Yamagata University )

2479   Invited   G-I13-002 Dec. 13 10:00 10:30 Development of electrochemical bio-sensing platform applicable to simple blood analyzers: Fundamental evaluation of lysine sensor

Takeshi UEMURA(Techno Medica Co., Ltd.)

   Break Dec. 13 10:30 10:40
2023   Invited   G-I13-003 Dec. 13 10:40 11:05 Cell Analysis Using Electrochemiluminescence

Kosuke INO(Tohoku University)

2418     G-O13-004 Dec. 13 11:05 11:20 *M Evaluation of Dielectric Properties of Drug Resistance Cancer Cells and its Label-Free Separation

Kazuma YODA,Yoshiyasu ICHIKAWA,Masahiro MOTOSUKE(Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo university of science)

2386     G-O13-005 Dec. 13 11:20 11:35 Adsorption Study of Exosome-Mimicking Liposomes on Porous Anodized Aluminum Oxide Membranes

Masahiro OKADA1),Yusuke SATO1,2),Tetsuji ITOH3),Seiichi NISHIZAWA1)(1)Graduate School of Science, Tohku University,2)JST, PRESTO,3)National Institute of Advanced Industrial and Technology)

Dec. 13
13:00 - 17:40
PACIFICO Yokohama North 2F G214
Chair :
四反田 功 (東京理科大学), 長峯 邦明 (山形大学)
I. SHITANDA (Tokyo Univ Sci), K. Nagamine (Yamagata Univ.)
2494   Invited   G-I13-006 Dec. 13 13:00 13:30 Brain-Machine interaction facilitates neural reorganization in post-stroke brains

Junichi USHIBA(Department of Biosciences and Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University)

2208   Invited   G-I13-007 Dec. 13 13:30 14:00 Skin-Conformable Wearable Devices by Stretchable Electronic Materials

Naoji MATSUHISA(Keio University)

2315   Invited   G-I13-008 Dec. 13 14:00 14:25 Various studies on the implementation of enzymatic biofuel cells with high power

Isao SHITANDA(Tokyo University of Science)

2198   Invited   G-I13-009 Dec. 13 14:25 14:50 Hydrogel touchpad-based biosensor for at-rest sweat sensing

Kuniaki NAGAMINE(Yamagata University)

   break Dec. 13 14:50 15:00
Chair :
伊野 浩介(東北大)
K. Ino (Tohoku Univ)
2021     G-O13-010 Dec. 13 15:00 15:15 *M Development of Biobattery-Driven Transdermal Osmotic Flow Patch

Daisuke INOUE1),Shinya KUSAMA1),Syo MIYAZAWA1),Hiroya ABE2),Matsuhiko NISHIZAWA1)(1)Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University,2)Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University)

2310     G-O13-011 Dec. 13 15:15 15:30 *M Mounting evaluation test using wearable chloride ion sensor with transfer printing

Naoki MURAMATSU1),Hikari WATANABE1),Noya LOEW1),Isao SHITANDA1,2),Masahiro MOTOSUKE1,2),Takahiro MUKAIMOTO1),Momoko KOBAYASHI1),Kensuke MATSUO1),Shinya YANAGITA1),Tatsunori SUZUKI1),Masayuki ITAGAKI1,2)(1)Tokyo University of Science,2)RIST TUS)

2332     G-O13-012 Dec. 13 15:30 15:45 Electrochemical measurement of transdermal ammonium ions

Tetsuya OZAWA(Yamagata Graduate School of Organic Materials and Systems)

2307     G-O13-013 Dec. 13 15:45 16:00 Evaluation of Heat Transfer Printed Potassium Ion Sensor Using PEDOT/PSS as Solid Contact of Ion Selective Electrodes

Rio KIMURA1),Masahiro MOTOSUKE1),Tatsunori SUZUKI1),Kensuke MATSUO1),Takahiro MUKAIMOTO1),Shinya YANAGITA1),Hikari WATANABE1),Isao SHITANDA1,2),Masayuki ITAGAKI1,2)(1)Tokyo University of Science,2)RIST TUS)

2453     G-O13-014 Dec. 13 16:00 16:15 *M Development of a wearable microfluidic sweat rate sensor for assessment of exercise

Yuki MORISHITA,Yoshiyasu ICHIKAWA,Takahiro MUKAIMOTO,Shinya YANAGIDA,Tatsunori SUZUKI,Isao SHITANDA,Masahiro MOTOSUKE(Tokyo University of Science)

   break Dec. 13 16:15 16:25
Chair :
長峯 邦明 (山形大学)
K. Nagamine (Yamagata Univ.)
2221     G-O13-015 Dec. 13 16:25 16:40 *M Lactate monitoring of sweat and interstitial fluid using the screen-printed lactate biosensor and correlative evaluation with blood lactate

Yuro OZONE1),Yuko YOSHIHARA1),Loew NOYA1),Tsutomu MIKAWA2),Masahiro MOTOSUKE1),Momoko KOBAYASHI1),Tatsunori SUZUKI1),Kensuke MATSUO1),Takahiro MUKAIMOTO1),Shinya YANAGITA1),Kuniaki NAGAMINE3),Hikari WATANABE1),Isao SHITANDA1),Masayuki ITAGAKI1)(1)Tokyo University of Science,2)RIKEN,3)Yamagata University)

2022     G-O13-016 Dec. 13 16:40 16:55 *M Intradermal sensing with porous microneedle electrode

Shuhei YAMAGUCHI1),Ryohei TAKIZAWA2),Yuina ABE2),Hiroya ABE2,3),Matsuhiko NISHIZAWA1,2)(1)Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University,2)Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University,3)Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University)

2279     G-O13-017 Dec. 13 16:55 17:10 *M Reduction of skin resistance using biodegradable microneedle array

Haoyu ZHANG1),Kenichi TSUKADA1),Natsumi KIMURA1),Hiroya ABE1,2),Matsuhiko NISHIZAWA1)(1)School Of Engineering, Tohoku University,2)Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University)

2341     G-O13-018 Dec. 13 17:10 17:25 *M Screen-Printed three-electrode-type Sticker Device with Long-term Stable Liquid Junction-type Reference Electrode

Kaishi MIYAZAKI1),Hikari WATANABE1),Isao SHITANDA1,2),Masayuki ITAGAKI1,2)(1)Tokyo University of Sience,2)Research institute for Science & Technology, Tokyo University of Science)

2346     G-O13-019 Dec. 13 17:25 17:40 Fabrication and Evaluation of Printable Organic Secondary Batteries Using Quinone Derivatives Operating in Neutral Aqueous Solution

Natsumi TOKUMITSU1),Hikari WATANABE1),Isao SHITANDA1,2),Masayuki ITAGAKI1,2),Seiya TSUJIMURA3)(1)Tokyo University of Science,2)RIST Tokyo University of Science,3)University of Tsukuba)

Dec. 14
9:30 - 11:30
PACIFICO Yokohama North 2F G214
Chair :
元祐 昌廣(東京理科大学), 三宅 丈雄 (早稲田大学),
T. Miyake (Waseda Univ.), M. Motosuke (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
2134   Invited   G-I14-001 Dec. 14 09:30 10:00 Practice of Acquisition and Use of Activity Records - Case study of a Contact Trace Application

Yoshihiro KAWAHARA(The University of Tokyo)

2483   Invited   G-I14-002 Dec. 14 10:00 10:30 Supramolecular Analytical Devices: Organic Transistor-based Chemical Sensors with Molecular Recognition Materials

Tsuyoshi MINAMI(The University of Tokyo)

   break Dec. 14 10:30 10:40
2030   Invited   G-I14-003 Dec. 14 10:40 11:05 Ion controlling biodevices for interactive communication with biology

Takeo MIYAKE(Waseda University)

2476   Invited   G-I14-004 Dec. 14 11:05 11:30 Flexible Flow Sensor for Advanced Flow Assessment

Masahiro MOTOSUKE(Tokyo University of Science)

Dec. 14
13:00 - 17:55
PACIFICO Yokohama North 2F G214
Chair :
田巻 孝敬 (東京工業大)
T. Tamaki, (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
2449   Invited   G-I14-005 Dec. 14 13:00 13:25 Surface functionalization of 2D carbons for energy device applications

Yuta NISHINA(Okayama University)

2336   Invited   G-I14-006 Dec. 14 13:25 13:50 Glucose biosensor strip based on glucose-diffusion-controlled current

Seiya TSUJIMURA(University of Tsukuba)

2305   Invited   G-I14-007 Dec. 14 13:50 14:15 Electrochemical behavior of hyperthermophile-derived multicopper enzyme on single-walled carbon nanotubes and gold electrodes

Masato TOMINAGA1),Shino NAKAO1),Shiho TAMAI1),Shin-iciro SUYE2),Eiichiro TAKAMURA2),Takenori SATOMURA2)(1)Saga University,2)University of Fukui)

2183   Invited   G-I14-008 Dec. 14 14:15 14:40 Improving the electron transfer efficiency in biocathode by protein engineering for oriented enzyme immobilization

Eiichiro TAKAMURA1,2),Shunsuke TAKI1),Takuto NAKAMURA1),Hiroaki SAKAMOTO1,2),Takenori SATOMURA1,2),Shin-ichiro SUYE1,2)(1)University of Fukui,2)Life Science Innovation Center, University of Fukui)

   break Dec. 14 14:40 14:50
Chair :
辻村 清也 (筑波大学)
Seiya Tsujimura (Univ. Tsukuba)
2102     G-O14-009 Dec. 14 14:50 15:10 Power Enhancement of Biofuel Cell using O2 Booster Pump

Keiichi KANETO,Sadahito UTO(Osaka Institute of Technology)

2234   Invited   G-I14-010 Dec. 14 15:10 15:35 Numerical Modeling and Experiment of a Thin-Film Enzyme Electrode with a Physically Adsorbed Mediator and Enzyme

Takanori TAMAKI(Tokyo Institute of Technlogy)

2224     G-O14-011 Dec. 14 15:35 15:50 *M Fabrication and Evaluation of Acetaldehyde Gas Biosensor Formed on Porous Film by Screen Printing

Taisei OSHIMOTO1),Hikari WATANABE1),Loew NOYA1),Masahiro MOTOSUKE2),Tutomu MIKAWA3),Isao SHITANDA1),Masayuki ITAGAKI1)(1)Faculty of Science and Technology of TUS,2)Faculty of Engineering of TUS,3)RIKEN)

2431     G-O14-012 Dec. 14 15:50 16:05 Design of optimal electrontransfer pathways in quasi-direct electrontransfer type-pyrroloquinoline quinone dependent glucose dehydrogenase

Masami KATO1),Eiichiro TAKAMURA1,2),Hiroaki SAKAMOTO1,2),Takenori SATOMURA1,2),Shin-ichiro SUYE1,2)(1)University of Fukui,2)Life Science Innovation Center,University of Fukui)

2253     G-O14-013 Dec. 14 16:05 16:20 Development of pyrroloquinoline quinone dependent aldose sugar dehydrogenase with enhanced enzyme activity and its application

Yusuke MIKI1),Takenori SATOMURA2,3),Eiichiro TAKAMURA2),Toshihisa OHSHIMA4),Haruhiko SAKURABA5),Hiroaki SAKAMOTO2),Shin-ichiro SUYE2)(1)Graduate school of engineering,2)Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui,3)Organization for Life Science Advancement Programs, University of Fukui,4)Osaka Inst. Tech,5)Kagawa Univ.)

2202     G-O14-014 Dec. 14 16:20 16:35 *M Direct electron transfer reactions of wild-type and mutant PQQ domains in PQQ-dependent pyranose dehydrogenase

Hinako FURUKAWA1),Kouta TAKEDA2),Nobufumi NAKAMURA3)(1)Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,2)Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences,The University of Tokyo,3)Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

   break Dec. 14 16:35 16:45
Chair :
高村 映一郎 (福井大)
E. Takamura (Univ. Fukui)
2142     G-O14-015 Dec. 14 16:45 17:00 Long-term monitoring of lactate using lactate oxidase hydrogel-modified electrode

Ryunosuke TERAZAWA,Seiya TSUJIMURA(University of Tsukuba)

2428     G-O14-016 Dec. 14 17:00 17:15 *M Implementation Test of a Paper-based Self-powered Lactate Biosensor Using LOx/Thionine

Mizuki SATAKE1),Yuko YOSHIHARA1),Loew NOYA1),Mikawa TSUTOMU2),Momoko KOBAYASHI1),Tatsunori SUZUKI1),Kensuke MATSUO1),Takahiro MUKAIMOTO1),Shinya YANAGITA1),Hikari WATANABE1),Isao SHITANDA1,3),Shitanda ITAGAKI1,3)(1)Tokyo University of Science,2)RIKEN,3)RIST Tokyo University of Science)

2468     G-O14-017 Dec. 14 17:15 17:30 A versatile tool of MgO-templated porous carbon and effects of cross-linker: towards the immobilization of enzyme and mediator

Md motaher HOSSAIN,Seiya TSUJIMURA(University of Tsukuba)

2177   Invited   G-I14-018 Dec. 14 17:30 18:00 Adsorbed, Electrografted, and Polymer-Attached Azines for Mediated Bioelectrocatalysis with FAD-Glucose Dehydrogenase at Carbon Nanotube Electrodes

Andrew James GROSS1),S. TANAKA2),L. FRITEA1),F. GIROUD1),S. COSNIER1),S. TSUJIMURA2),M. HOLZINGER1)(1)University Grenoble Alpes CNRS,2)University of Tsukuba)

Dec. 15
9:30 - 11:45
PACIFICO Yokohama North 2F G214
Chair :
井上 久美(山梨大学/東北大学),
K. Inoue (Univ. Yamanashi/Tohoku Univ.)
2326   Invited   G-I15-001 Dec. 15 09:30 09:55 Unusual Shape of Electrochemical Impedance Spectra due to Local Variation of Diffusion Layer Thickness in Mediator-type Enzyme Electrodes Confirmed by Simulations using Finite Element Method

Noya LOEW,Hikari WATANABE,Isao SHITANDA,Masayuki ITAGAKI(Tokyo University of Science)

2223     G-O15-002 Dec. 15 09:55 10:10 *M Improving the Stability of Paperboard Diaper Batteries 3D Electrochemical Impedance Evaluation

Kazuhiro ISHIGOORI,Yukiya YOKOI,Noboru KATAYAMA,Hikari WATANABE,Isao SHITANDA,Masayuki ITAGAKI(Tokyo University of Science)

2312     G-O15-003 Dec. 15 10:10 10:25 *M Faraday Impedance Simulation of Two-step Enzymatic Reaction for Power Enhancement of Biofuel Cell

Kai HIRANO1),Hikari WATANABE1),Noya LOEW1),Isao SHITANDA1,2),Masayuki ITAGAKI1,2)(1)Tokyo University of Science,2)RIST TUS)

2383     G-O15-004 Dec. 15 10:25 10:40 *M Study on Time Dependent Parameters and Distributed Constant Equivalent Circuit Model for Paper-Based Lactate Biofuel Cells

Yukiya YOKOI1),Kazuhiro ISHIGOORI3),Yuko YOSHIHARA4),Isao SHITANDA4),Noboru KATAYAMA2)(1)Department of Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science ,2)Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science ,3)Department of Advanced Science, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science ,4)Department of Advanced Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science )

   break Dec. 15 10:40 10:50
Chair :
N. Loew (東京理科大学)
N. Loew (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
2320   Invited   G-I15-005 Dec. 15 10:50 11:15 Bipolar electrochemical microscopy using ruthenium bipyridine complex and oxidized glutathione as a cathodic luminophore for dopamine imaging

Kumi Y. INOUE1,2),Mayo KOMATSU2),Tomoki IWAMA2),Hitoshi SHIKU2)(1)University of Yamanashi,2)Tohoku University)

2412     G-O15-006 Dec. 15 11:15 11:30 *M Nanoparticle Manipulation by Holographic Plasmonic Optical Tweezers

Kento KODAMA1),Koki OKADA1),Ken YAMAMOTO2),Yoshiyasu ICHIKAWA1),Masahiro MOTOSUKE1)(1)Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School of Engineering,2)Osaka University, Graduate School of Science)

2466     G-O15-007 Dec. 15 11:30 11:45 *M Highly Sensitive Detection of Single Nanoparticles by Light Scattering

Rintaro SATO1),Masumi SERITA1),Yoshiyasu ICHIKAWA1),Ken TAMAMOTO2),Masahiro MOTOSUKE1)(1)Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School of Engineering,2)Osaka University, Graduate School of Science)