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MRM2021 Poster Award

sympo prg_no entry_no paper title(英) Dr. Mr. Ms. Name(英) Affiliation(英)
B-3 B2B3-PR15-09 C001247 Metal-Free Lysine-Based Chiral Co-Assembling System That Shows Large Circularly Polarized Luminescence with Strong Emission Dr. Naoya Ryu Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute
G-1 G1-PR11-19 C001054 A Novel Neomycin-based Polymer for siRNA Delivery Dr.  West Paraiso Innovation Center of Nanomedicine
sympo prg_no entry_no paper title(英) Dr. Mr. Ms. Name(英) Affiliation(英)
C-3 C3-PR15-05 C000335 Effects of Strain Biaxiality on Strain Energy Release Rate and Crack-Tip Strain Field in Elastic Hydrogels Dr.  Thanh-Tam Mai Kyoto Institute of Technology 
E-5 E5-PR14-03 C000028 Ultrafine Rhodium−Chromium Oxide Cocatalysts for Highly Active Water-Splitting Photocatalysts Dr.  Tokuhisa Kawawaki Tokyo University of Science
H-3 H3-PR16-11 C001039 Characterization of NASICON-type Solid Electrolyte Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 coated with Cobalt nitrate hexahydrate as a Sintering aid and its Electrical properties Dr.  Kento Ishii National Institute for Materials Science
Graduate Student受賞者
sympo prg_no entry_no paper title(英) Dr. Mr. Ms. Name(英) Affiliation(英)
B-3 B2B3-PR15-18 C001202 Nonlinearity in the mode determination of the chiral spatiotemporal pattern observed in the H2O2 reduction Mr.  Takumi Yasuda Kyoto University
C-3 C3-PR15-07 C000411 Visualization of Mechanoradicals Generated by Polymer Chain Scission in Bulk State through a Fluorescent Radical Precursor Mr. Takumi Yamamoto Tokyo Institute of Technology 
D-6 D6-PR14-05 C000319 Understandings of dynamic responses in organic single-crystal field-effect transistors towards high frequency operation Mr.  Taiki Sawada University of Tokyo
D-6 D6-PR14-10 C000525 Two-dimensional hole gas in organic single-crystal semiconductors Mr. Naotaka Kasuya The Univ. of Tokyo
F-1 F1-PR15-01 C000187 Alcoholysis of lignin-related model compounds in high-temperature liquid water under high-pressured carbon dioxide Mr.  Kenkichi Taniguchi Iwate University
F-5 F5-PR11-24 C001224 TiO2-based Photocatalyst for Gas-phase CO2 Recycling Mr. Masaru Kushida Tokyo Institute of Technology
G-2 G2-PR11-04 C001242 A Nanoparticle-type Antioxidants Enhances Exercise Performance in High-intensity Running Mr.  Takuto Toriumi University of Tsukuba
G-3 G3G4-PR11-02 C000903 Lipids and proteins changes during heat-shock-induced sleep detected by CARS and SHG microscopy Mr.  Shinichi Miyazaki University of Tsukuba
G-4 G3G4-PR11-13 C000416 Preparation of Composite Scaffolds of Black Phosphorus Nanosheets and Gelatin for Biomedical Applications Ms. Linawati Sutrisno National Institute for Materials Science and University of Tsukuba
H-1 H1-PR18-18 C000818 Tunneling Magneto-Resistance Effect of Co-Oxide Nano-Composite Films Ms. Moe Kimura Tohoku Univ.
H-4 H4-PR15-06 C001282 Fabrication of laser-induced graphene-based multifunctional sensing platform Dr.  SungYeob Jeong The University of Tokyo
H-5 H5-PR17-05 C000964 Development of proton exchange membranes for hydriodic acid concentration by ion-track grafting technique Dr.  Nobuyuki Tanaka Japan Atomic Energy Agency