• Date: 9 (Mon.) Dec. - 11 (Wed), 2013
  • Venue:
    • Yokohama Port Opening Plaza / Oral sessions
    • Yokohama Media & Communications Center / Oral & Poster sessions
    • Hatoba Kaikan / Oral sessions
    • Bankokubashi Kaigi Center / Oral sessions
  • Registration desk: Yokohama Media & Communications Center 6F Foyer 09:00-
  • Banquet Date:10 (Tue.) Dec. 2013 18:30-20:30
                Venue:Yokohama Marine Tower 3F/ Marine Tower Hall
                  Fee:5,000 JPY

  • Language: Japanese is designated as official language for this Meeting. English is an official language for international sessions. Abstract should be written in English while Japanese is accepted


  • Presentation styles: Oral/ Invited/ Poster (Panel size within 90cm:high ×210cm:wide)
  • Abstract:Download at the HP will be available from 1 Dec.
    Publishing date will be 1 Dec. Take care if you are concerned patent issue.


  • Authors (oral/poster) are encouraged to submit manuscript(s) of presentation(s) to “Trans. Mat. Res. Soc. Japan (Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan)” . The symposium organizer will send e-mail to the respective authors (oral/poster) on the submission deadline and other details. Please refer to http://mrs-j.org/home/en/transac for Transactions of MRS-J.

Symposium Proposals (Symposium proposal has been closed.)

Submissions are now being invited for symposium proposals. After filling in the proposal form attached below, please send your application to the Secretariat (meetings@mrs-j.org) by no later than 10 May 2013.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.