Symposium & Program

Materials Frontier for Transparent Advanced Electronics



Research and development on wide gap oxide materials and their use have been increasing pervasively in many fields such as high-performance thin film transistors (TFTs/TTFTs) or storage devices, renewable energy technologies, various kinds of display devices, and many other optoelectronic applications. Especially transparent oxide semiconductors (TOSs) and amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOSs) such as indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (a-IGZO) and related materials, have attracted much attention as high performance channel materials for thin film transistors. On the other hand, transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) have also been the key materials for various emerging technologies for the more sophisticated applications aiming to the “Ubiquitous Society” and a “Universal Design”. These topics will be discussed in a framework of traditional and emerging fields of oxide materials and their device applications including but not limited to: TOSs, AOSs and TCOs for high-performance TFTs/TTFTs, solar cells, displays, lighting, storage, flexible electronics and other transparent electronics.


1. Materials for transparent oxide semiconductors
2. Materials for metal nano-network transparent contacts
3. Materials for carbon based transparent contacts
4. Indium based or Indium-free high performance transparent conducting oxides
5. Theory based guidance for new materials development and optimization
6. Non-vacuum based deposition and processing of transparent contacts
7. Composite, hybrid and multi-layer structures of increased functionality
8. Applications of transparent materials for renewable energy technologies
9. Applications of transparent materials to new and emerging electronics

Keynote Lecture / Invited Lecture:

[Keynote Lecture]

  • Toshio Kamiya (TIT)
    "Present status of oxide electronics: Theory, new materials, and device applications"

[Invited Lecture]

  • Yasushi Hirose (Tokyo Univ.)
  • Hideya Kumomi (TIT)
  • Tadatugu Minami, Toshihiro Miyata (Kanazawa Inst. Tech.)
  • Norihumi Fujimura (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
  • Tetuya Yamamoto (Kochi Univ. Tech.)
  • Takashi Koida (AIST)
  • Kanji Yasui (Nagaoka Univ. Tech.)
  • Nobuto Oka (Tohoku Univ.)
  • Taro Hitosugi (Tohoku Univ.)
  • Kazunori Ueno (Tokyo Univ.)
  • Gerwin H. Gelinck (TNO, Holland)
  • Hironobu Machinata (Nitto Denko Corp.)