The 25th annual meeting of MRS-J will be held with the theme of ‘Advanced Materials Research as the Basis for the Technological Innovation’. This meeting aims to create the technological innovation by good balance between development of materials science and industrial vitalization. Also, we encourage the active interactions among scientists from industries, national institutes, and academia for the search of new function, creation of new materials, and development of new processing route in the interdisciplinary field. We are expecting that our meeting will contribute to the development of sustainable society.


29 Jan. 2016
Award for Encouragement of Research in the 25th Annual Meeting of MRS-J has been uploaded.
10 Dec. 2015
The 25th Annual Meeting of MRS-J has finished.
27 Nov. 2015
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20 Oct. 2015
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19 Oct. 2015
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15 Oct. 2015
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11 Sep. 2015
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26 Aug. 2015
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13 Aug. 2015
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13 May. 2015
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22 Apr. 2015
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19 Jan. 2015
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