Symposia & Program

Materials for Living - Environment・Energy・Medicine -


Prof. Kazuo Kasatani Yamaguchi University
Prof. Hiroki Kurisu Yamaguchi University
Prof. Setsuo Yamamoto Yamaguchi University
Prof. Hidetoshi Kita Yamaguchi University
Prof. Ryuichi Komatsu Yamaguchi University
Prof. Shinnichi Morohashi Yamaguchi University
Prof. Akihiko Nakatsuka Yamaguchi University
Prof. Hirotaka Fujimori Yamaguchi University
Prof. Masanobu Kamitakahara Tohoku University
Prof. Koji Ioku Keio University
Prof. Terumitsu Tanaka Kyushu University


World-wide co-operation with our present science and technology could abolish poverty and war, and could bring to all mankind a level of happiness and well-being such as has never hitherto exist. This session deals with materials for environment and energy, materials in medicine and welfare, biology and biomimetics, biomineralization and self-repairability.


Session topics will include, but not be limited to:
1. Materials for environment
2. Materials to reduce energy
3. Materials for sustainable energy
4. Materials in medicine and welfare
5. Materials in biology and biomimetics, biomineralization
6. Materials with self-repairability