Symposia & Program

Analytical and Assessment Methods (in Materials and Environmental Technologies)


Prof. Yuko Nishimoto Kanagawa Univ.
Prof. Yuko Nishimoto Kanagawa Univ.
Prof. Riko Ozao Sony Higher Education
Dr. Satoshi Endo ADOVANCE RIKO. Inc.
Dr. Toshiyuki Suzuki PerkinElmer Japan
Prof. Shoichi Katsuta Chiba University
Prof. Naoaki Hirayama Toho University
Prof. Taisuke Utsumi Sony Higher Education
Dr. Takahisa Tsugoshi Advanced Industrial Science and Technology


Recent advances in analytical technologies have brought about not only new facts and methods, but also novel points of view in evaluating materials and environmental technologies. Since electrical and electronic equipment should be compliant to WEEE and RoHS directive, rapid and effective analytical methods or evaluation systems for the materials and devices are used. Hyphenated and hybrid analytical methods are considered efficient and powerful techniques in evaluating complicated materials and systems. Novel methods and techniques for analyzing nano-systems are also in demand. Information on chemical composition is requisite in considering the life cycle of products and the disposal of hazardous chemicals.


1. Analytical Chemstry and instrumentation
2. Maetial Characterization
3. Envilonmental analysis
4. Green Chemistry
5. Database