Symposia & Program

Organic Iontronics for Advanced Science and Technology


Prof. Keiichi Kaneto Osaka Institute of Technology
Prof. Mitsuyoshi Onoda University of Hyogo
Prof. Sadahito Uto Osaka Institute of Technology
Dr. Hirotake Kajii Osaka University
Prof. Izumi Kubo Soka University
Prof. Wataru Takashima Kyushu Institute of Technology
Prof. Keizo Nakayama Kinki University
Prof. Shuichi Nagamatsu Kyushu Institute of Technology
Prof. Yuki Hasegawa Saitama University
Prof. Akira Baba Niigata University
Prof. Shyam Sudhir Pandey Kyushu Institute of Technology
Dr. Takeshi Fukuda Saitama University
Prof. Akihiko Fujii Osaka University
Prof. Hiroshi Moritake National Defense Academy


The symposium of “Organic Iontronics for Advanced Science and Technology” is aimed to discuss the investigation of phenomena, novel functions and devices based on movements of ions as well as electron in organic materials, viewing the recent development and future technology.
The word of “Iontronics” is newly named by a combination of “Ion” and “Electronics” commonly used. Recently organic materials have also been attracted for new technologies, because of light weight, flexibility and low cost printable process as well as variety of novel properties, which are not attained by inorganic semiconductors. The Iontronics is a science and technology to create novel functions and devices originating from ions, other than imitating existing “Electronics”. The concept of “Organic Iontronics”, in which the roles of electron and ions are investigated along with the molecular structure and morphology of organic materials, is also a key technology in bioelectronics.


1. Multifunctional Materials for Organic Iontronics
2. Functional and Electroactive Polymers for Soft Iontronics: Application and Aging
3. Nano/Molecular Iontronics and Photonicss
4. Bioelectronics
5. Characterization and Fabrication of Nano Structures for Organic Iontronics.