Symposia & Program

Interface Characterization


Dr. Yoshiyuki YAMASHITA National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Yoshiyuki YAMASHITA National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Hideki YOSHIKAWA National Institute for Materials Science


Interfaces play an important role to determine the physical properties of matter from not only basic research viewpoint but also technological viewpoint. For instance, defects formed at the oxide/Si interface decrease electron and hole motilities at the interface. In another instance, by changing the atomic structures and chemical compositions at the interface, fascinating physical properties appear such as metal-insulator transition, band gap narrowing, and superconductivity. Recent development of new functional materials is results of wide variety of interface properties. As a result, new characterization methods have been developed to evaluate the interface properties of new functional materials. Additionally recent high computer speed enables us to evaluate interface properties by theoretical calculations. Therefore it is indispensable to understand interface properties at the atomic level in the field of physics, chemistry and material science, which could lead to realize high performance device and high quality of materials.
In the present symposium, interface characterization is interested in making presentations for oral and poster presentations on the following broad topics; semiconductor interface, metal/oxide interface, organic material/semiconductor interface, secondly battery interface, solution/solid interface. Presentations related to interface like atoms and molecules on surface are also welcome in this symposium. It is also expected to excogitate promising new characterization methods by integration of different field through this symposium.


1. characterization of semiconduntor interface
2. characterization of metal/oxide interface
3. characterization of organic/semiconductor interface
4. characterization of secondary battery interface
5. characterization of organic/solid interface