Symposia & Program

Environmental & Materials Education for Attaining Sustainable Society


Dr. Makoto KANO Departmant of Applied Physics, Tokyo University of Science
Mr Shigenori OKADA Earth System Ryokuin-Juku
Mr Yoshifumi SHIBATA Institute of Anshin-Keiei Technology
Mr Nobuaki KOBAYASHI Earth System Ryokuin-Juku
Mr Tomiyuki OKANO Katsushika Science Education Centor


The whole world economic game is globalizing so rapidly that the nation sovereign is impinged by the capitalism and the information stampede from both domestic and international. We have to promot a recycling-oriented society as for the establishment of advocacy planning from the activity of Environmental & Materials Education. We will point out to have the global environmental governance; we have to solve the problems such as the deterioration in the global environment, economic disparities between the North and the South, encroachment of nation sovereignty and the desasters from severe accident. Then, we will find the way to realize the sustainable society in which human and many forms of life can coexist.


1. Environmental Education
2. Materials Education
3. Environmental Literacy
4. Sustainable Society
5. Trans-Science