Symposia & Program

Materials Science for sports


Dr. Hideyuki MURAKAMI National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Kazuya SHIMODA National Institute for Materials Science
Prof. Michiyoshi AE Tsukuba University
Prof. Toshinobu KAWAI Tsukuba University


Sports engineering is the new research field, aiming at realizing a life abundant in people and contributing to improvement of social welfare by the improvement of hardware, such as sports goods, practice equipment, facilities and by pursuing safety and comfort. Since Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020 have decided to be held in Tokyo, Japan, an expectation for the sports engineering is increasingly rising. Under such circumstance, this symposium is organized to provide an opportunity to discuss how materials science can contribute to sports engineering, through topics such as correspondence to needs of sports players as the user side, and the possible application of newly developed functional, high-performance materials to sporting goods.


1. Material properties required for sports
2. Materials Science for sports goods
3. Materials Science for sportswear
4. Materials Science for sports facilities
5. Application of novel materials to sports