Symposia & Program

Soft materials - various functions on solution, surface, interface, and bulk created by polymer design


Prof. Junji WATANABE Konan University
Prof. Junji WATANABE Konan University
Prof. Atsushi SUZUKI Yokohama National University
Prof. Kazuhiro HARA Kyushu University
Prof. Shin YAGIHARA Tokai University
Prof. Norihiro KATO Utsunomiya University
Prof. Tetsu MITSUMATA Niigata University
Prof. Yoshimi SEIDA Toyo University


Polymer is one of the fundamental materials, and it is available as soft materials recognized as elastomers, gels, ultra-thin membranes, and colloids. This symposium focuses on discussing soft materials, showing various functions on diverse form such as solution, surface, interface, and bulk. Attractive application using functional soft materials widely includes biomedical, diagnostic, electronic, environmental, and structural materials. Topics will include various advanced and emerging applications such as MEMS, fuel cells, biopolymers, self-assemble materials, tissue engineering, drug delivery, and bio-related systems.


1. Synthesis and characterization of soft materials
2. Structural and functional design
3. Role and function of soft material in material science and technology
4. Application in various fields