Symposia & Program

Innovative Material Technologies Utilizing Ion Beams


Dr. Hiroshi Amekura National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Setsuo Nakao AIST-Chubu
Dr. Takaaki Aoki Kyoto University
Dr. Koumei Baba Industrial Technogy Center of Nagasaki
Dr. Hisayoshi Itoh Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Dr. Naoki Kishimoto National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Tomohiro Kobayashi RIKEN
Prof. Shinji Nagata Tohoku University
Prof. Hiroyuki Nishikawa Shibaura Institute of Technology
Prof. Hiroshi Tsuji Kyoto University
Prof. Feng Chen Shandong University
Prof. Paul K Chu City University of Hong Kong
Prof. Daryush Ila Fayetteville State University
Prof. Wolfgang Ensinger Technical University Darmstadt


Ion beam technology has, for half a century, made a significant contribution to the progress of science and industry such as electronics, photonics, machine industry, etc., through the synthesis of advanced materials, the modification of surface properties of materials, the modification of surface morphology and texture. Recently, it has been required to develop the energy saving system, processes and devices, high efficient energy utilization ones and the low environmental load ones, from the view point of the global environmental problems, and therefore to develop advanced materials which underlie these systems, processes and devices. It is expected that ion beam technology plays an important role for the production of advanced materials. This symposium will address the challenges associated with innovative material technologies that utilize ion beam. Specifically, papers that focus on the ion-beam synthesis of advanced materials as well as new utilization techniques of ion beam are encouraged. We are looking forward to having broad, interdisciplinary discussions that will lead to breakthrough in materials science.


1.Fundamentals of ion-solid interaction
2.Nanostructure synthesis and modification
3. Modification/control of materials' properties
4.Cluster ions, swift heavy ions, highly charged ions, etc.
5.Plasma immersion, plasma-induced modification
6.Modification of polymers and biomaterials

Invited Lecture:

[Keynote Lecture]

  • Nanocluster Ions and Beam Techniques for Material Modification
  • Gikan Takaoka (Kyoto University)

[Invited talk (Domestic)]

  • Analysis of vacancy-type defects in ion-irradiated materials using slow positron beams
  • Atsushi Kinomura (Kyoto University)
  • Fabrication and in situ evaluation of integrated micro-optical devices by a focused proton microbeam technique
  • Wataru Kada (Gunma University)
  • UV Raman study of a-C:H films deposited on trench sidewalls
  • Junho Choi (The University of Tokyo)
  • Ion-induced Changes in Refractive Index and Structure of Solid Dielectrics and Their Applications
  • Yoshimichi Ohki (Waseda University)

[Invited talk (Overseas)]

  • Production of High Volume Fraction Quantum Dots by Ion Beam
  • Daryush ILA (UNC-FSU)
  • Exotic New Patterns, Terraced Topographies and Virtually Defect-Free Ripples Produced by Ion Sputtering
  • R. Mark Bradley (Colorado State University)
  • Reverse epitaxy on semiconductor surfaces
  • Xin Ou (Shanhai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology)
  • Plasma-based surface modifications of metallic orthopedic materials and the bio-surface interactions
  • Hongqing Feng (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Surfing electron emitting sites on ion-beam fabricated self-organized Si nanofacets
  •  Tapobrata Som (Institute of Physics, India)