Nowadays, it is expected to establish an innovative material research both for solving world environmental problems and being compatible with sustainable growth of economy and industry as symbolized by SDGs. In order to promote such activities, interdisciplinary research subjects on pioneering new kind of materials, exploring new material functions, developing novel type of processes are discussed in this meeting. Recent years, on the way to realize the super-smart society, the materials informatics, which is a quite strong tool in the cutting-edge of materials science, have appeared in the academic community and would be in a practical research level. It caused the revolution of the way of material researches, and the material innovation in another dimension has already initiated. Now, the strong points of material research in Japan should be realized through the cultivating mutual exchange of knowledge and technologies among materials scientists and engineers in various fields. We will draft a new strategy on material science and engineering based on them, and aim to develop this new material innovation to the industry innovations in near future. We are also planning to have the special symposium on the activity of National Colleges of Technology Mechanism which is Japanese center of education of practical engineers with high creativity.


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