In recent years, it has become possible to search for new materials and substances by use of information technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Materials innovation that fuses cyberspace and real space, which is a different dimensional aspect from conventional material development research based on experiments, is just taking place. The value expected in this new tide is to respond promptly and appropriately to the aging of the population, globalization, and environmental changes. The ultimate goal of the entire human race is the “sustainable society”, and isn't it the creation of a foundation that will realize this? At the MRS-J meeting 2020, we discuss on the multi-disciplinary research that enables the search for advanced materials, the exploration of new functions, and the creation of new processes, which are needed for creating new sense of values of materials. We hope that materials innovation will lead to innovation in Japan's industry, and that this will lead to a higher quality sustainable society.


18 Jan. 2021
Award for Encouragement of Research in the 30th Annual Meeting of MRS-J has been uploaded.
18 Dec. 2020
Part of oral presentations' videos (symposium K) are opened at the program page in My Page. *Those who have completed registration can access to them until noon,Dec. 25.
12 Dec. 2020
30th annual Meeting has ended.Please wait until the Encouragement award is announced.
7 Dec. 2020
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2 Dec. 2020
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11 Nov. 2020
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31 Aug. 2020
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28 Aug 2020
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21 Aug. 2020
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19 Aug. 2020
The Digest of 2 pages written in English has to submit for the review of Award for Encouragement of Research. This has been started from 30th Annual Meeting of MRSJ.
29 Jun. 2020
Annual Meeting will be held ONLINE.
10 Jun. 2020
Information on Suspending of "Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan"
15 June 2020
Abstract submission has started.
10 Jun. 2020
Please note that there is a possibility of ONLINE meeting this year.
18 Mar. 2020
Annual Meeting website open.