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TMRS-J“Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan” is the periodical journal published by MRS-J covering the newest information about material science technologies. Trans. Mat. Res. Soc. Japan made its debut on the J-stage in 2013. During the six months after a paper is first carried on the journal, access is limited to the members of MRS-J, but when this initial period is over, the journal will become open and accessible to any reader.


J-stage is a support system to promote the publication of electronic journals dealing with science technologies information in Japan. This system was developed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), an independent administrative agency. JST provides the hardware and software necessary for the issue of electronic journals and is operating the system on the 24-hour basis without holiday.

J-stage keeps electronized papers accessible from any part of the world. For further details, click the logo below and visit the J-stage homepage.

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【 2011-Vol.37(2012)No.2 】
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20th Special Issue     20anniv 20anniv