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Message from the President of MRS-J

Materials Science to Open Up the Way to Future Society

MRS-J provides a forum for discussions among engineers and researchers with social, international, creative, and independent minds, and contributes to the development of human society through the materials research.

According to Dr. Heisuke Hironaka, a Fields Prize winner, "Creative work is born from laboratories where many papers, no matter how trivial, are published.” [1] If this is true, then it is good to promote research and publish a lot of papers. From this point of view, it is worrisome that the number of papers published from Japan has not increased in recent years. To increase the number of papers, the simplest solution is to increase the time spent on conducting research and writing papers. In addition, in recent years, there has been a lot of interest in high-speed materials search using machine learning. This direction is definitely important and should be pursued as it will accelerate research. This is analogous to the situation in travel, where you are traveling by a bullet train. On the other hand, exploring on foot provides scenes and insights that cannot be seen with high-speed travel. The disadvantage of high-speed material exploration is that it increases the possibility that humans will not be able to fully understand the information. A method analogous to a good combination of traveling by bullet train and walking on foot may be useful in future research.

Finally, MRS-J is a scientific society with cross-disciplinary features essential for materials research. The variety of materials is very large, if not inexhaustible, and the chance to discover unexplored useful materials is open to many researchers. I hope that Japan will continue to discover and develop useful novel materials one after another in order to open up the way to a future society.

[1] Hiroshi Maruyama, To all of you who aim to be researchers in new companies, p. 54 of Modern Science, 2019 [in Japanese]

President of MRS-J   Masaharu SHIRATANI