Symposia & Program

D : Synthesis, characterization, and functions of intriguing transition metal compounds


Prof. Ikuya YAMADA Osaka Metropolitan University
Prof. Ikuya YAMADA Osaka Metropolitan University
Prof. Masahiro NAGAO Nagoya University
Prof. Hiroyuki YOSHIDA Hokkaido University
Prof. Yoshihiro TSUJIMOTO NIMS
Prof. Kazunari YAMAURA NIMS


Transition metal compounds possess considerable flexibility in chemical compositions accompanied by various crystal structures and electronic states, thus they are considered as remarkable targets in terms of fundamental interest of materials. In addition, their functional properties related to superconductivity, magnetism, optics, and catalysis propose enormous potential for practical use.
Novel materials syntheses using state-of-the-art technique such as high-pressure, hydrothermal, and thin-film methods are intriguing subjects in materials science. Recently, in addition to the precise evaluations of structures and properties of novel materials, utilization of data science attracts strong interest to accelerate development of materials.
In this session, researchers in wide-ranging field of materials science like solid-state chemistry/physics, applied physics, and spectroscopy discuss the state-of-the-art topics.


1. Syntheses and properties of transition metal compounds
2. Synthesis of novel materials
3. Advanced experimental and theoretical studies of crystal structures, electronic states, and properties
4. Materials development using data sciences
5. Development of multifunctional materials