Symposia & Program

F : Functions and applications of nanocarbon materials


Prof. Ogata Hironori Department of Chemical Science and Technology, Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry, Hosei University
Prof. Aoki Nobuyuki Department of Nanomaterial Science, Chiba University [email protected]
Prof. Tachibana Masaru Department of Nanosystem Science, Yokohama City University
Dr. Wakahara Takatsugu Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science
Prof. Tsubota Toshiki Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology


In this symposium, we will provide a place to present the research on carbon-based nanomaterials. In addition to fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene, the target substances are nanocarbon materials with new forms based on these (carbon nanowalls, graphene, graphene oxide, diamonds, diamond-like carbon, marimocarbon, carbon quantum dots, etc.). The purpose of this symposium is to provide a meaningful forum for experimental and theoretical research results on synthesis, physical properties and applications. We look forward to presenting research results at the forefront of nanocarbon material researches, such as the diversity of structures and dimensions peculiar to carbon-based materials, porosity represented by activated carbon, responsiveness to light and pressure, and catalytic activity. Regarding synthesis, in addition to conventional methods, environmentally friendly synthesis such as effective utilization of biomass, biomolecule compatible materials, fuel cells, electric double layer capacitors, solar cells, LEDs, biosensors, etc., from electronic devices to medical applications We also welcome a wide range of applied research utilizing new nanocarbon materials.


1. New nanocarbon material (synthesis / physical characteristics)
2. Application of composite materials based on nanocarbon materials
3. Electronic devices, sensors, battery materials
4. Carbon catalyst
5. Biocompatibility
6. Utilization of biomass