Symposia & Program

*International Symposium

G : Innovations in Materials Triggered by Recent Advances in Ion Beam Applications


Prof. Wataru Kada Gunma University
Prof. Satoshi Abo Osaka University
Dr. Hiroshi Amekura National Institute for Materials Science
Dr. Koumei Baba DLC Research Institute LLC
Prof. Fuminobu Hori Osaka Metropolitan University
Dr. Hisayoshi Itoh National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology
Dr. Tomohiro Kobayashi RIKEN
Dr. Setsuo Nakao National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Prof. Hiroyuki Nishikawa Shibaura Institute of Technology
Dr. Kohtaku Suzuki The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center
Prof. Kazuhiro Yasuda Kyushu Univerity
Prof. Takaaki Aoki Nagoya University
Prof. Feng Chen Shandong University
Prof. Paul K Chu City University of Hong Kong
Prof. Wolfgang Ensinger Technical University Darmstadt
Prof. Daryush ILA University of West Georgia


In the midst of the current paradigm shift in global and social change, the field of materials science and engineering is being called upon to create and explore innovative technologies. Building on the great variety of technologies already developed in the fields of ion beam science and engineering, further advancement is expected to bring about breakthrough material innovations and extreme-accuracy material evaluations not achievable in other fields. In parallel, innovations in machine learning for data science, artificial intelligence, and other fields of informatics are also expected to be applied to the analysis of the complex information generated by the complex interactions caused by ion beams. In this session, we invite presentations on recent developments in ion beam application technologies such as quantum, microscopic, and macroscopic material modification and control, as well as on material analysis driven by novel ion beam technologies. Innovative peripheral technological developments and applications in related fields which are being developed in concert with each other are also invited to be presented. Our goals and aims are to create a forum for collaborative discussions that will lead to new innovations through cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchanges.


1. Fundamentals of ion-solid interaction
2. Modification/control of materials' properties: polymers, biomaterials, Semiconductors, quantum devices, etc.
3. Material analysis/evaluation
4. Cluster ions, swift heavy ions, highly charged ions, etc.
5. Data-driven ion beam applications
6. Other ion beam and plasma applications

Invited Lecture:

1. Michael DÜRR (Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany)
"Bond-Specific Fragmentation of Biomolecules via Electronic Stopping of Swift Heavy Ions"
2. Tokihiro IKEDA (RIKEN, Japan)
"Glass Capillary Optics as an Ion Microbeam Generator and its Applications"
3. Yusuke KAZAMA (Fukui Pref. Univ., Japan)
"Effect of Linear Energy Transfer in the heavy-ion mutagenesis and breeding"
4. Munetoshi MAEDA (WERC, Japan)
"Effects of Combined Photon and Ion Beam Irradiation on Biomaterials - Irradiation sequence in combined radiation exposure modifies the cellular radiosensitivity -"
5. Nitipon PUTTARAKSA (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)
"Microfabricated Dielectric Structures by Proton Beam Writing for Photonic Nanojets"
6. Shin-Ichiro SATO (QST, Japan)
"Lanthanoid Implanted GaN with Enhanced Photon Emission for Nanophotonic Applications"
7. Roger P. WEBB (University of Surrey, UK)
"The Application of Ion Implantation for Solid State Quantum Technologies"