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Corporate Exhibition

Corporate Exhibition in the Symposia

1) Exhibition Due: 200,000 yen/booth + tax (subject to change)
30 % discount for corporate members
* Special needs on consultation.
2) Specifications:
· A desk 1.2 m x 0.7 m with a chair (under consideration)
· A panel 1.2 m wide x 1.8 m high (under consideration) * Special needs on negotiation.
· Free registration for the two attendants.
3) Application:
· Fill in the application form attached. The English version will be delivered on request.
· Submit the application form on the e-mail to General Secretary Office:

507D,Yokohama Bldg. 3-9 Kaigan dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0002 Japan
TEL:045-263-8538 FAX:045-263-8539
E-mail: meetings#mrs-j.org

4) Remittance:
Information of Bank Account will be notified on the invoice from the General Secretary Office .
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