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Information on Suspending of “Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan”

Thank you for supporting the “Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan”.

Since its launch in 1990,  “Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan”  has been providing the latest information on materials science and technology as a periodical original journal of MRS-J.
After much deliberation and discussion, we have decided to suspend the publication after the resolution at the General Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting held in June this year.
We would like to thank all the readers, contributors, reviewers, and interested parties for their numerous supports and encouragements over the years.

Alternative services to TMRS-J for MRS-J members are under consideration.  We will inform it you soon later.
Please note that articles on J-Stage will be accessible after TMRS-J is suspended.

We would like to express our deep appreciation for your kind understanding.

March 22nd,2021
President of MRS-J Hideo Hosono
Editor in Chief of TMRS-J Tomoaki Watanabe


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Back Issues

【 -1990 】
Vol. Sub Title Price Authors List Contents
Vol.15B Information Storage Materials out of stock    
Vol.15A Biomaterials, Organic and Intelligent Materials out of stock    
Vol.14B Magnetic, Fullerence, Dielectric, Ferroelectric, Diamond and Related Materials out of stock    
Vol.14A Ceramics, Powders, Corrosion and Advanced Processing out of stock    
Vol.13B Symposium on Aluminum Based Composites, Zirconia Ceramics and Advanced Materials ¥5,000    
Vol.13A Symposium on Zirconia Ceramics, Advanced Materials and Precision Machining ¥5,000    
Vol.12 Symposium on Ceramics ¥6,000    
Vol.11 Symposium on Aluminum and Al-compounds ¥8,000    
Vol.10 Symposium on the Development of Opto-bio Materials, Symposium on Hydrothermal Materials ¥5,000    
Vol. 9 Materials Design cy Computers ¥6,000    
Vol. 8 The Third International Symposium on Structural Imperfections in SiO2-based Amorphous Materials out of stock    
Vol. 7 Symposium on Advanced Materials ¥7,000    
Vol. 6 Symposium on Zirconia Ceramics ¥6,000    
Vol. 5 Symposium on Forming and Binders ¥6,000    
Vol. 4 Symposium on the Reliability and Lifetime Prediction of Engineering Ceramics ¥10,000    
Vol. 3 Symposium on Aluminum Nitride ¥7,000    
Vol. 2 Symposium on Innovations in Basic Science into the 21st Century - A Renaissance for Materials Science ¥7,000    
Vol. 1 no sub-title out of stock