Our way of life has been dramatically changed by the novel coronavirus disaster that has unfolded since last year. Furthermore, keywords that are central to the SDGs, such as carbon neutral, zero emissions, circular economy, and planetary boundaries, are sweeping the world. In the midst of these new trends, a major change is occurring in the way we approach materials research & development and manufacturing. Use of information processing technologies such as AI and robots is proceeding at full scale, and digital transformation (DX) and process innovations including digital, remote, and smart technologies are now urgently required. In order to support the enhancement of a new dimension in materials innovation from the perspective of basic science, this annual meeting will provide a symposium for experts in various fields to hold in-depth and cross-discipline discussions of materials research and development in Japan. We will also promote materials innovation from a global perspective in close cooperation with the international academic conference, the Materials Research Meetings 2021.


14 Jun. 2021
Abstract submission has started.
1st Mar. 2021
Annual Meeting website open.