• Date: 13 (Mon.) Dec. - 15 (Wed), 2021
  • Venue:
    • Pacifico Yokohama
  • Registrationdesk:
    • 13 (Mon.) Dec. - 15 (Wed.), 2021 Pacifico Yokohama
  • Language: Japanese is designated as official language for this Meeting. Abstract should be written in English while Japanese is accepted
  • Presentation styles: Oral (Invited or general)/ Poster
  • Abstract: Officially English
    Submitted abstracts shall be posted onto the web site of this Meeting by the beginning of Dec. 2021.
  • Banquet
    Dec. 15 (Wed.), 2021 19:30-21:00 (19:00Open) Pacifico Yokohama Annex hole
    Banquet Fee:8,000Yen

Symposium Proposals

Submissions are now being invited for symposium proposals. After filling in the proposal form attached below, please send your application to the Secretariat (meetings2021@mrs-j.org) by no later than 30 Apr. March 2021.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.