Award for Encouragement of Research

Important update for the Award for Encouragement of Research

  1. Rules of Eligibility
    Applicants of "the Award for Encouragement of Research" are limited to "students".
    Please refer to the outline for details.
  2. Submission deadline for the Digests
    The deadline for submission of the digest is different from that of the Abstract.
    *Abstract: August 20, 15:00
    *Digest: November 5, 23:59
    Please refer to the presentation registration page for details.

The applicants to the Award for Encouragement of Research are required to submit the Digest (2 pages in English in A4) in addition to their abstracts of the Annual Meeting. Both of the digest and the presentation are the contents for examining the Awards for Encouragement of Research.

For those who apply to the Award, please confirm the template and instructions below and upload the Digest (the file size within 10MB) through the submission page of the Meeting.

Also, the Digests of the award winners will be published online as “MRS-J Bulletin” after the meeting and delivered to all MRS-J members.

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