Symposia & Program

H : Plasma Lifesciences


Prof. Katsuyuki TAKAHASHI Iwate University
Prof. Masaharu SHIRATANI Kyushu University
Prof. Kenji ISHIKAWA Nagoya University
Prof. Jun-Seok OH Osaka City University
Prof. Giichiro UCHIDA Meijo University
Prof. Toshiro KANEKO Tohoku University
Dr. Tetsuji SHIMIZU National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Prof. Nobuya HAYASHI Kyushu University


Low temperature plasma technologies have been intensively applied to bioengineering and medical fields, environmental applications, agriculture, and pharmaceutical production. Based on the backgournd, this symposium focuses on the both fundamental and application of emerging plasma lifescienceses.


1. Plasma processing of biomaterials
2. Plasma therapy, and pharmacology
3. Plasma interaction with living systems and liquids
4. Monitoring for plasma lifesciences
5. Safety of plasma treatment, and standardization of plasma equipment for clinical applications
6. Simulations and modeling for plasma lifesciences
7. Plasma agriculture