Symposia & Program

J : Soft Materials – Gel Technologies and Various Functional Designs


Prof. Norihiro KATO Utsunomiya Univ.
Prof. Norihiro KATO Utsunomiya Univ.
Prof. Atsushi SUZUKI Yokohama National Univ.
Prof. Seiichi SUDO Tokyo City Univ.
Prof. Yoshimi SEIDA Toyo Univ.
Dr. Yutaka TANAKA Univ. of Fukui
Prof. Kazuhiro HARA Kyushu Univ.
Dr. Kazuya FURUSAWA Fukui Univ. of Tech.
Prof. Tetsu MITSUMATA Niigata Univ.
Prof. Shin YAGIHARA Tokai Univ.
Prof. Junji WATANABE Konan Univ.


Soft materials such as gels, colloids, and polymer nanoparticles, which are controlled by intermolecular interactions, retain complex structures statically or dynamically and perform new functions. In particular, polymer gels are expected to be further developed for elucidation of the characteristic physical properties of 3D networks and their engineering applications. The use of hydrogel materials is wide-ranging, including food, medicine, and drug carriers, in addition to the chemical products field that is essential for daily life. The application of soft materials in the fields of biotechnology and biomedicine is also important because living tissue possessed by living organisms have a complex structure that retains a large amount of water. This symposium exchanges and discusses interdisciplinary opinions on the design and synthesis of gels and various soft materials, their structures, physical properties, and functions. Topics include, but are not limited to: polymers, nano- and microparticles, thin films, nanofibers, biopolymers, scaffolds for cell culture, and any other related systems.


1. Synthesis and characterization of soft materials
2. Structural and functional design
3. Roles and functions of soft material in material science and engineering
4. Applications in biomedical fields
5. Applications in various fields