Symposia & Program

N : Bio・Adovanced Materials Research Symposium


Prof. Hideyuki Kanematsu Suzuka kosen
Prof. Mari Takahara Kitakyusyu kosen
Prof. Ryo Satoh Tsuruoka KOSEN
Prof. Shigeharu Ito Tsuruoka KOSEN
Prof. Nobumitsu Hirai Suzuka kosen
Prof. Katsuhiko Tsunashima Wakayama kosen
Prof. Daisuke Kawagoe Oyama kosen
Prof. Hidemi Nakamura Nara kosen
Prof. Ryosuke Hashimoto Suzuka kosen
Prof. Toshimasa Honma Ichinoseki kosen
Prof. Toshiyuki Takahashi Miyakonojo kosen
Prof. Natsumi Saito Tsuruoka kosen
Prof. Takaya Sato Kosen
Prof. Masanobu Izaki Toyohashi Tech
Prof. Takeshi Ogio Yagoya Univ.


Materials Science and Engineering (MS & E) has been Japan’s conventional speciality originally.
However, many countries have caught up with us recently and fears about the decrease of academic papers in the filed may have taken place. The number of papers should be not only the academic interest and issues, but also the indicator for GDP and the innovation power of each nation.
Therefore, we are afraid that this negative academic phenomenon might lead to the decrease of GDP in the future and it might also lead to the lack of positive activities and development in our nation’s science and engineering, particularly MS & E.
Therefore, we expect that many researchers and engineers would apply to our symposium positively.
The topics might be not restricted only to biological field, but also to more versatile advanced ones, even though the research activities and results might not be at matured stages yet.
Last year, this symposium started as “KOSEN (National Institute of Technology) Symposium”.
However, we would like to removed such a restriction this time due to the reason mentioned above.
And we are looking forward to positive proposals for innovative and novel trials by all of you, many positive applicants in MS & E!


1. Technology
2. Biomaterial
3. Cell
4. Antifouling
5. Biomedical materials
6. Agriculture